Sunday, February 28, 2010

Robot Invasion

Well if there's one thing Hayden needs in his house, it's a giant robot. This weekend was the Mooresville Choir invitational, and each group of Jason's students always decorates a room in the school with a different theme. One group made this robot as part of their decorations, and asked if Hayden would like it. That's pretty rhetorical, if you know anything about Hayden. Robots are his most favorite thing in the whole world. It's rather a matter of whether mommy and daddy want it, and where in the world we'll put it. As you can see, he's currently residing against the wall, guarding the playroom. And yes, when you watch Blue's Clues, you have to sit right next to the tv like that. Only for Blue's Clues, not for anything else.

This past week has been a whirlwind of busy-ness and emotions. Since the issue is tied to Jason's employment, and since most of you reading know the details anyway, I'll wait to create one large post at a later date, when I can devote time to being politically correct (or employer-ly correct?) about the whole thing. In short, Hayden was left alone on a cold bus for an hour and a half a week ago Thursday. He is doing well, Mom and Dad have mostly recovered, and life is moving on at the Damron household.

All three of us have some form of cold. Jason has had barely any voice for the past 3 days, and has the sniffles. My ear has been bothering me for a few weeks, so I went to the Walgreens clinic Friday morning; I have a slight ear infection and sinus infection. Hayden has sniffles that won't seem to go away. He has a slight temperature this evening. I gave him some tylenol, so he's feeling better at the moment. He is currently throwing his beany Periwinkle in the air and laughing.

Yesterday Mom and Dad were supposed to come over, but Dad was sick, so Mom, Hayden and I hung out for the day. We played, took naps, went out for pizza, and made a final stop at Target, where Mom got Hayden a new hotwheels car. We said goodbye to Grandma and drove home; at home Hayden said, "where's grandma?" It's the first time I can think of that he's asked this question.

Hayden's language skills have made big jumps the past week and a half. In addition to "where's grandma," he's been using the word "is" in his sentences, using "the," doing better at answering yes/no questions (he usually just answers "yes" every time), and asking "What is it?" He's never asked that before this last week, either, at least not consistently. It's so exciting when he can use more language. It is less frustrating for all of us, and I can tell he's happier and calmer to be able to ask a question and say what he wants. He's come so far since August, when the norm was 3 words at a time max! Just now he hid behind the couch and said, "Mommy, I take it off, the pants!" Hayden doesn't like to wear pants, if you don't know. Most pictures we have of him are in his diaper and shirt. At least he used almost a full sentence. : ) I'd like to buy him some seamless pants, and see if he'll keep those on better.

Mixing whole organic milk in with his usual 1% regular milk has been working, so I will continue to increase the ratio until it's all whole milk. I'm trying to take little steps to increase his protein/fat intake, and to get rid of the additives in his diet. Step 1 is a success! I can't wait until summer, when I have more time to sit down and think of all the other things I should be doing for him! One thing at a time right now will have to do! : )

4 weeks until Spring Break.
: ) Sheila

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Showing off his funny hair after a bath.

Do it again, mommy!
(He likes the noise the camera makes, but doesn't like the flash.)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Ah, the things we learn at daycare...

This evening, after telling Hayden for the 3rd time not to jump on the couch while I tried to eat dinner, I heard for the first time, "no, be quiet Mommy." Thank you, day care. At least it wasn't "shut up" yet. And secretly, I thought it was a little bit funny. But I gave it my best frown and "we don't say that."

Hayden chose not to eat dinner this evening. I did get him to eat a muffin. Some days it seems like he wants to eat everything in the house, and some days I can't seem to get him to eat anything. Today was the latter, no matter what I offered. I've learned after 3 years not to just make him something, because I always end up throwing it out, and I can't afford to keep doing that.

He did ask for chocolate, now that I think of it, but when I told him he had to eat cheese or yogurt or [insert 5 other things I offered] first, he shrugged and walked away. I decided to start giving him whole milk instead of 1%, in hopes that he'll gain a bit of weight. He's right at the edge of being underweight, since 2 of the 4 foods he'll eat have little protein. (In case you're interested, that would be cheese pizza, mac n cheese, chicken patty, or fish sticks. Heaven help you if you offer the wrong brand or type of these items, such as mac n cheese animal shapes instead of the noodles, or real chicken instead of processed. "Not the SAME!!!" he'll scream, and refuse to eat it.) He can taste that the whole milk is different, so I'm hoping that mixing it with the 1% will work.

Tonight's non-stop Mommy & Hayden Club activities, all chosen by Hayden, I might add, have included: sledding at the park (he got snow on his face and almost had a breakdown), Mario Kart (I race while he holds a second controller and thinks he's racing; and I have to be WaLuigi), afore-mentioned dinner/couch jumping, robot building (aka legos), tickle monster, about 3 seconds of Thomas, Connect 4 and trivial pursuit (we just play with the pieces), and running around the couch and jumping, at which time I announced I was tired of running and it was time for the Last Show. Daddy's got choir tonight so I'm skipping the battle of the bath. Shh-- don't tell! : )

The "last show" is our way of transitioning to bedtime. Tonight he chose Blue's Room Snacktime. Usually he'll actually sit and watch the show, but he's currently trying out one toy per 30 seconds, throwing it down to get a new toy, while running around the room and saying "polkadots!" Gotta love the energy level. After this he'll get 2 books, a big long hug, and it'll be bed time. I can't wait until summer, when I can take him to the park every day to run off this energy! Everybody think warm thoughts...
: )

Monday, February 15, 2010

President's Day-- no school!

Hayden is almost back to his hyper self today. Not quite the energy level as usual, and he still doesn't want to eat anything, but he's been up and talking and playing all day. Hopefully he'll take a longer nap than he did yesterday.

The three-day weekend has been relaxing, and then it will only be a four day week. I'm also looking forward to switching Gymboree classes next Saturday. Hayden and I tried Art and the Level 6 class (age 2-3) last Saturday, and I think the Level 6 will be a really good fit for him. We usually go to Music class on Tuesdays, but he just wants to run in circles. The room is too small, the kids are younger, and he's worn out after a full day of daycare and preschool. Last Saturday, on the other hand, we slept in, showered, went to Gymboree, and it was more relaxing. Even the kids were on a slower pace, since it was morning and not 7 pm on a weekday. The teacher seemed nicer and more interested in her job, the class was more about pretend, reading a book, and answering questions. The music class I think is just geared more to babies through 2 year olds. So, I'm excited to make the switch. We have some make-ups for the music class to do still, then we'll just go on Saturdays.

Alright, time to convince Jason to go tackle the driveway. ;)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day

You know a little boy is sick when he won't even eat a cookie.

Today has been unusually quiet in the Damron household. Hayden had a messy diaper, and has been napping or laying on the floor in front of Thomas and Blue's Clues all day. He keeps saying "mommy" to make sure I'm near by. He didn't even look at his Valentine's chocolates. Hopefully he's feeling better by tomorrow. And yes, right now he prefers laying on the floor to sitting in that nice comfy chair behind him. I've asked. Several times.

Jason slept until 10:45 after getting in early this morning from the Choir Competition at Pike yesterday. He's been glued to his video game all day. I've been cleaning and playing on the computer all day, except for getting a nice nap in. It has been a nice relaxing day for Mommy and Daddy, but we do want our little guy to start feeling better!

Hayden just requested to play Thomas on PBS kids online (he calls it "doink" because that's what the little guy says when it first starts up) so I'll relinquish my computer.

Happy Valentines Day!
: ) Sheila

First Post!

This blog will mostly be about my adventures and misadventures with Hayden, the cute little boy who entered my life in 2006. He caused me some trouble that day [20 hours of trouble], and has been doing so ever since! But I love him more than anything in this world.

Hope and Lavender is dedicated to helping Hayden, and our family, get through the big adventure of Autism together, and to sharing our journey with friends and family.

I chose Hope and Lavender as my blog title, so that each time I read it I get a small dose of peace. The word Lavender makes me think first of a warm summer day in my garden, and second of a nice calm, quiet!, bath. Hope is the concept that gets me through the rough days.

Update 6/6/12
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