Monday, July 12, 2010

Summer Days

This is pretty much where you could find everyone this week, with the exception of Hayden and I, who ran around playing a lot.

This past week we had a lot of fun with Bill and his new dog Sadie.  We played a lot of video games and cooked some fantastic dinners.  B.H. (Before Hayden), I really liked city-building games on the computer, but since he was born I really haven't played any.  Bill talked me into a new game called Dawn of Discovery, and I really enjoyed playing it this past week.  I hope I can continue to find time (and allow myself time!) to play.

Before Bill's visit, our upstairs needed a major cleaning.  I took some before and after shots:

Before: Playroom


Although you might as well know we're about 50% back to the Before pics on the playroom.  It's the playroom, after all...

Before: guest room closet (soon to be the nursery again)
Can you say 'lazy'? When I ran out of space I just kept shoving boxes in.  Eeek.


All the boxes are stacked on the left. (I stopped counting at 25 boxes).  Big items on the back side. Hopefully I can talk Jason into building more shelves in there this summer so we can actually organize it and see what we have.  But this was a good start to taming the chaos.  It's all the toys and clothes Hayden has outgrown. I've actually given away an equal amount of stuff. I'm not sure how one kid can have so much stuff.

After: Hayden's room 
(I guess I forgot to take Before pictures. It's probably just as well to save your eyesight.)

Today I hope to move the guest bed into Hayden's room, instead of the pallet.  We were trying the pallet for a week instead of his toddler bed, to see if he'd stay in his room better. He is, but he's still not going to sleep at night without mommy at his side. This needs to end, pronto.

I chopped down some weeds in the backyard today, paid the bills (that's always depressing, so it always gets put off), cleaned the old Lego's from mom and dad's attic in bleach water, caught up on some laundry, and started Day 1 of Hayden wearing underpants. (2 accidents, 1 potty so far today).  I felt so behind after taking a couple of weeks of vacation, but I got a lot done today. Now Hayden says it's time for some more robot play time (Round 8 today!)  : ) 

 4th of July get-together at the Carney's.
(Thanks to Sunny and Bob for the Maternity clothes yesterday! You're awesome!)