Friday, October 22, 2010

Friday Update

The ditch, where my driver side window ended up even with the road.

The hill where I saw lights on my side of the road.

Progressive (the other guy's insurance) called about the damage to my car.  They are replacing the front and rear bumpers, fixing the left side doors and panels and repainting them, replacing a hubcap, side mirror, and doing an alignment.  $2600 was the total.  The rental place gave me a Kia Soul for a rental car.  It's one of those box-looking things.  It drives smoother than the Civic did, anyway.  

Jason had his final big soccer game Wednesday night;  he said the girls didn't play as well as they could have and they lost.  But, they've made it farther than they have any other season, so they did a great job.  (And I'm happy that Jason's not in Evansville right now on another soccer trip, leaving me with Hayden!)  

I bought Hayden's Halloween costume this week because I didn't want them to be out of something he'd be willing to wear. Last year he picked a pirate outfit and wouldn't wear it.  When he got home from school he saw the Mario outfit and wanted to put it on and play Mario on the Wii.  He didn't want to take the outfit off at bedtime, and wanted to put it on the next morning for school.  I told him he could wear the hat, and he ended up wearing the Mario hat the entire day at school.  : )   So hopefully it looks like he will actually be wearing a costume for Halloween this year.  Tonight he wanted to wear it to bed (with the hat) and we had to pry it off him once he was asleep. 

Jason had Fall Break today and yesterday, and he made a lot of calls for me and got things done.  (The phone has been ringing off the hook all week!  And I'm already getting mail from injury attorneys. Grrr.)  Comcast came and "fixed" the Internet connection after they goofed it up the last time.  Thiele Heating was a no-show to do maintenance.  Jason ordered a copy of the police report ($12), tried to contact Bank of America again about refinancing... picked up Hayden's vitamins at the Nutritionist, did laundry, went to the grocery, made a pot roast.  I played video games for the first time since July, and took a nap.  : )  I did go with Jason to pick up Hayden at school, to be able to see his teachers.  I don't usually get to see his Cornerstone teachers, since I drop off and pick up at daycare, so yesterday was the first time I had met one of them.  They are so excited about helping Hayden and they love working with him.

Today they started potty training with Hayden at the Autism Center.  They said it was a huge success. He had some accidents but went in the potty 3 times.  They started Hayden and his friend Alex at the same time, and Hayden was encouraging Alex not to be scared of the potty.  I think it will really help Hayden to have someone else sitting in there with him, too!  They gave him a certificate and he was so proud of himself when we picked him up today.  Then he promptly fell asleep 3 minutes after we were in the car.  : )  

Tuesday night I was feeling some light contractions at about 3am.  Wednesday morning was my appointment with the OB.  She did a fetal fibronectin test. Info about it here:  "Fetal fibronectin is a protein that acts as a "glue" during pregnancy, attaching the amniotic sac to the lining of the uterus.  Fetal fibronectin is often present in cervical secretions during early and late pregnancy, about one to three weeks before labor begins.   A positive fetal fibronectin test is a clue that the "glue" has been disturbed and you're at increased risk of preterm labor."

The test came back positive, which does not mean I will go into early labor, just that there is a better chance of it.   The OB wants at least two more weeks of bed rest and I'll see her again in two weeks.  I assume we'll do the fetal fibronectin test again at that point, I'm not sure.  Today I felt kind of ill, but I haven't felt contractions since Wednesday, so that's good.  And I've been being a better Mommy, taking it easy for the baby girl rather than trying to do too much like I was Monday/Tuesday.  Next step is to find a name that we can both agree on!

Monday, October 18, 2010


Well, I couldn't sleep last night until at least 1 am.  Hopefully tonight I will sleep better.  The OB said to try Benedryl, so if I can't sleep again tonight I'll get some. She wants me to come in Wednesday to see how I'm doing.

Today I drove Jason to work and Hayden to school, then came back and called Progressive (the other guy's insurance). They are paying for a new carseat, my time off work, and a rental car. I was hoping she'd call back today so I could get the rental car today and not have to take Jason to work again tomorrow, but she didn't.  So hopefully I'll get that tomorrow.  Jeff picked up Hayden from school so I didn't have to go back out.

I finally got some sleep this afternoon, then went and picked up Jason at work. He's home now from soccer practice so we're discussing what to have for dinner: pizza or fish sticks?  It's gourmet around here. :  )  I've been feeling sick to my stomach anyway.

I got so many wonderful emails and Facebook messages this weekend.  Thanks to everyone for all the positive thoughts!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Car Accident and Trip to Hospital

Hayden and I were in a slight accident Friday morning, but everyone is ok now and resting at home.  

I was driving Hayden to school Friday morning as usual.  I take Mann road, which is a curvy and hilly back road.  All of a sudden I looked up and headlights were staring at me in my lane. If I hadn't seen him and swerved we would have been hit head on, and who knows what would have happened.  Luckily I swerved and we swiped mirrors, and I went into a ditch on the right. It was a huge ditch so when I got the car stopped my door was against a dirt wall, pinned closed.  Our car was at a 45 degree angle.  I wasn't sure how preggo was going to climb out!  As soon as we stopped, Hayden said, "what happened?"  I don't remember what I told him!  I was trying so hard to look calm and tell him everything was ok. He kept asking what happened, and said "the car got broke!" Later he said, "we go boom!"  But he wasn't visibly upset, which was my biggest worry at that point.  When we got out later he "Car needs new tires!" (they were a bit muddy). I think he said that because Lightning McQueen needs new tires in the movie after his accident.

The guy who hit me came back and asked if I was ok, and helped me climb out the driver door.  I had to go out feet first because my belly was too heavy and big to lift over the window.  I called the police and Jason to come pick us up.  The police were glad we had our seatbelts on. Hayden wanted to get in the police car.  While we waited he played in my car with all the buttons on the dash, turning the lights and wipers on and off.

The police called a tow truck and the driver was able (after 10 attempts and the guy pushing the car from the back) to drive it out the ditch and up the hill, but I think he cracked the bumper in the process by backing up too far into the ditch wall.) 

I drove Jason to work and Hayden to Cornerstone, then called my OB. The nurse took a message and then called me back, and said the OB wanted me to check into the hospital for a couple of hours for observation.  At this point I wasn't feeling any contractions, just shock.  I drove to her hospital in Danville (where I'll eventually deliver) and checked myself in.  They put me and baby on the monitor and I tried to rest.  After about an hour and a half the nurses said I was in early labor and having small contractions.  They gave me a shot every 20 minutes to calm the uterus and try to stop the contractions.  By 2 the weekend doctor on call from my OB office said I'd definitely be staying over night. She said it was likely the fear that caused the early labor, but if I continued to have contractions it could mean the placenta was damaged.  I got a steroid shot for the baby, in case she came early, to help strengthen her lungs.  I asked what would happen if we couldn't stop the contractions and she came early (I'm at 26 1/2 weeks).  They said she'd be more likely to have cerebral palsy and blindness, and would not be able to breathe without machines for a long time because her lungs aren't ready. 

Jeff drove Jason and Hayden to come see me Friday, since I had Jason's car and we weren't sure if my car was drivable. (It looks ok except the mirror, but the ditch probably did a number on the bottom of the car.) I should have been really tired Friday night, but just couldn't get the accident out of my head to sleep, so they gave me a sleeping pill.  In the night I had to have the nurse help me unplug the IV each time I needed to use the restroom, and in the morning she told me that one of the times I was in there a while, so she poked her head in to see if I was ok.  I was just standing there at the sink. I said, "Yeah, I washed my hands, and now I don't know what to do next...  oh, yeah, dry them."  : )  The shock plus the sleeping pill made me a bit out of it, I guess!

I had more contractions in the evening and night, and got two more shots that night.  In the morning the contractions had finally stopped, and I felt much better.  The doctor on call came to see me again and said they would start me on a procardia pill that I would take every 12 hours to continue to calm the uterus (it's actually a blood pressure medicine that someone discovered also helps with this.)  The procardia can make you very dizzy, and give you a constant headache.  She said if I could get up and take a shower ok without fainting, they'd let me go home around 5 as long as there weren't more contractions.  Jeff dropped Jason off at the hospital (I might mention Jason had his soccer sectional game that morning, and they won the championship.  Grandma and Grandpa came and watched Hayden all day so that Jason could do soccer and then come see me.)  : )  Jason visited with me for a few hours, then I took a shower and napped, then they gave me another steroid shot and we went home.   I'm supposed to take it easy for at least a week -- no chores or grocery shopping or lifting, but I don't have to stay in the bed the whole time.  I'm to make an appointment with the OB for this week so she can see if I can come off the procardia.  It was giving me an awful headache yesterday, but today not as much (plus I hadn't had my morning coffee yesterday, so the caffeine could have been part of the problem).  This morning I am still feeling pretty good, and I'm feeling baby move, though I'm still quite tired.

I am so grateful that things look ok at this point, that Hayden didn't get scared during the accident, and that I was awake enough on a Friday morning to swerve out of that guy's way! (Someone in front of him was going 20 in a 45, and he decided to pass them in a double yellow zone. He didn't see me until we were about 20 feet apart as he came over the hill.)  Oh, and he did have insurance, so that is paying for any car problems plus all my medical bills!  Thank goodness for that, although I'm sure it will be a big hassle. Now I just have to take it easy (hard for me!) so that contractions don't start again.  They said they'd be harder to stop if I started them in my sleep and they got closer together before I made it to the hospital.

So, that's the whole long story.  Hayden and I are going to cuddle on the couch now and watch Wall-E and eat chocolate muffins. : )  With extra time on my hands this week, I'll try to update my blog and let you know how things are going.

Monday, October 11, 2010

New Schools are Going Great!

The new schools are working wonderfully.  Hayden has a little friend, which is exciting since it's so hard for him to make friends.  His teachers send a notebook and we write back and forth each day, since I don't actually get to see them (I pick up and drop off at day care).  I LOVE reading his notebook every day!  Rather than a note about who Hayden hit or how long he spent in time out, I get glowing reports of what they did all day, and how much fun he had.  I am SOOO glad he's going to this school!!

I wanted to share some quotes from his teachers' notebook from this first week:  "he's doing very well listening" (say what?)  : ),  "we're learning very fast how smart he is... Hayden is such a joy...Hayden loves our obstacle course and v-smile video games...he is so imaginative....he is so fun to work with...he participated in group...Hayden sings so well! I love to hear his songs...he loves the rock wall...the first thing he said to me this morning was, 'Hey, Michelle, what's up?' he is so precious.  We had a fun gymnastics and music group this afternoon.  Hayden loved it!  He was so excited to show everyone his forward and backward rolls... He made you a bracelet in art class today; we have an art therapy teacher on Mondays. Yours says mom, and he made himself one that has HD on it. He picked the colors and beads himself, I just helped tie it. He also put the beads on. He really seemed to enjoy it!"

They are currently working on everyone's names, prepositions, saying Hi and Bye to people, numbers, washing hands, transitions, and some other things.  He is having some meltdowns in the evenings, or falling asleep, because he's getting worn out.  He also started picking at his lips last week until they bleed, and having diarrhea.  But the latter two things have been lessening each day as he gets more comfortable there, so I think overall everything is going quite well!

90 days till his little sister is here!
: )