Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Rylie caught a bug

Hayden had a rough week last week, having some major tantrums Tuesday and Wednesday, including refusing to get on the bus Tuesday, and accidentally hitting a therapist on Wednesday.  He improved by the end of the week and has been doing well since then.

Rylie and I have had what I thought was a cold, and she had a mild fever Sunday night. She's normally not a fussy baby, but Sunday she cried almost constantly, even when we held her. Monday morning she seemed to be feeling a bit better, but around one our daycare director called to let me know that two of the infants in Rylie's room were out with RSV.  I took her to the pediatrician and they did a nose swab test which came back positive for RSV.  This is a virus that most kids get before age two, but it can be very serious for the younger babies and can require hospitalization. The doctor said it's probably what I have as well, but in adults it seems just like a cold.  For now Rylie seems to be improving, and we were already doing most of the doctor's recommendations: saline drops in the nose, humidifier, keep her sleeping upright in a car seat. I've been using the bulb syringe to try and get some of the junk out of her nose, but I'm not too proficient with the thing and don't feel like it's doing anything. I feel like I get more out by flushing with the saline. She had lost 2 oz of weight since last week because it's more difficult for her to eat and breathe at the same time. For now I am keeping her home and watching her, but she seems to be on the mend. Today she is awake more and again aware of her surroundings, and giving a few smiles, so I think we found out about the illness at the tail end rather than the start.  We need to keep an eye out for her pulling at her ears, and of course her breathing and eating need to improve.

Pictures from last week when she was feeling better:

Sleepy baby. Look at those toes! 
(And no, the blanket's not covering her face. It just looks that way from this angle.)

At Cornerstone Hayden is currently working on:
ask people politely to stop doing something that is bothering him,
do 5 sit ups in a row on his own,
use adjectives, adverbs and prepositions when making a request,
explain to someone how to participate in an activity,
share with a friend,
describe what's happening around him or in a scene of a book with at least 4 word sentences,
follow three-step directions,
sort items from multiple categories,
after hearing a short story from a book, is able to recall a basic sequence of events in that story,
when in a group of peers, follows two-part instructions given to the entire group,
uses irregular past tense verbs correctly,
traces shapes and lines: curves, straight line, circle, triangle, square,
traces his name,
puts on his own socks and shoes.

In March he mastered 23 target plans, almost all of which have multiple targets within them.  He has completed all of Level 2 on the VB-MAPP with steady and significant progress on mostly upper Level 3.

Cornerstone hosted its first parent support group meeting last week, and the possibilities sound really exciting: a parent loan library, group events with kids, parents and therapists, expert speakers, and of course time to share and compare stories with other parents.  They had a representative from Met Life Special Needs Planning speak, and it was a humbling experience thinking of the kinds of planning that needs to take place.

Last weekend I got into the yard to start the annual fight against the weeds.  I made good progress, but there's still a lot of work to do since I didn't do much last year while pregnant.  Fortunately for me it's my favorite activity.   Hayden helped by taking my scissors and running with them, digging holes and pounding the ground with his shovel, pulling the tops off my bushes, and jumping on the trampoline while complaining that no one was jumping with him. Rylie sat in the shade and enjoyed the fresh air. Hopefully a lawn-care company can come soon and reseed, because the front yard is pretty much a weeds-only environment.

I also got some Autism housekeeping-type tasks done last week, including laminating a new toothbrushing chart (the last one got wet), updating his supplement sheet to add a third dose of probiotics in the day, and filling out an emergency sheet and making copies for all the parents' and grandparents' cars.

Rylie is currently taking a nap to the sounds of Baby Einstein.  Hopefully she'll be back to her smiling self in a few days. : )