Monday, February 13, 2012


After 2 hours of tantrums, which included him throwing things, yelling, and hitting me, which he hasn't done in a year, I figured out that the real reason he was upset was because we had talked several hours prior about calling 911 if Mommy was hurt (he was the one who brought it up).

He couldn't verbalize that it upset him, so he just kept running around saying "Angry!" and punching things. He finally said something about me leaving, and that made me realize the cause. Then he spent the entire night having nightmares.  : (

This video is towards the end of his tantruming, when he was done throwing things and I could actually talk to him.  This is right before I figured out why he was angry. Once I figured it out, I had him cuddle with me and we talked about who he would want to live with if I was ever gone (Uncle Bill), but that Mommy wasn't going anywhere, that it was just in case of emergency, and Mommy was staying with him.  I told him he would also always have Rylie, who would soon be old enough to play games with him, and he would keep her safe and she would keep him safe.

Like I said, this video is tame compared to the beginning of the tantrum, and might not even be considered a tantrum compared to what some "typical" kids can muster up when angry. But it does show that even after 2 hours of being angry, he still couldn't tell me why he was upset.

Monday, February 6, 2012

DAN Doctor Notes, 2/2/12

Notes from Dr. Hulseman appointment 2/2/12
(aka, my To-Do list just got longer.) : )

  • ATEC (Austim) score went down from 110 in September to 77 in February.  Great progress.
  • Still a lot of work to do on his health before we can chelate (detox heavy metals, including copper and lead poisoning).
  • Melebdinum for  phenols and sulfites. (black circles under his eyes). May stop taking if no apparent improvement. Some kids respond to it and some don’t.
  • He is having trouble urinating, which may indicate crystals (from too many oxylates).  Baking soda will neutralize crystals in urine:  8c in bath or some in drink.
    • OAT test  to test for oxylates;  Cod liver oil w/ vitamin A and Vitamin k  will help with Oxylates.
    • Call United Healthcare  and find out what compounding pharmacy they use. He needs emphaterasin for oxylates and yeast; call her when I find out so she can order it
    • Managing oxylates: treat yeast with antifungals, probiotics, and diet low in sugar and carbs; delay SCD, which controls yeast but is rich in oxylates) until remainder of this approach has been in place for at least a month; add Vitamin K; optimize A and D intake with cod liver oil; add baking soda.
  • 2 amino acid pills twice a day (currently gets 2 a day) (help with brain development, add gut health, immune function)
  • 1 lysine a day (calcium absorption; building muscle, production of hormones, enzymes, and antibodies)
  • add the rest of the supplements recommended previously, adding only1 per week to ensure that each is helping and no side effects
  • Since the B12 nasal spray didn’t work out, get a tablet from Whole Foods that he can hold under his tongue.
  • Glutathione IV once a week at Dr. Hulseman’s office (open until 6p) or wait and add some enhansa once we get everything else sorted out. Enhansa will help him make glutathione  (to detox heavy metals from his body). Since he has reacted to increasing the enhansa dose, keep it at current level for now. This is another sign that his oxylates are too high.
  • Begin Specific Carb diet: no sugars, no rice; SCD helps control yeast
  • We need to get him healthier, he has had a lot of sickness in past few months.  Take Transfer Factor to help immune system
  • Take 2 E 400  a day
  • Adrenal fatigue : take Cortrex
  • Adenoids: remove them because sleep not good. call primary doctor and refer to ENT
  • Did 2 inch iodine strip test on both of us and showed iodine deficiency;  Take  kelp: 2 tabs twice for me and Hayden both
  • Skin is dry:  rub coconut oil on legs in evening for dryness; also helps to detox heavy metals
  • Per dietician: increase magnesium to 2 doses a day at ½ tsp each. Give calcium with magnesium and C to firm BMs
  • Get blood tests two weeks before next appointment in 4 months.  Tests for copper, vitamin A, zinc, vitamin D, selenium

  • SCD diet for rylie:  because of percentile decline. This is an area for concern.
  • show pediatrician Rylie’s growth charts. If height is preserved then the problem is nutritional, but thyroid is height and weight decrease in percentile.  If thyroid, do thyroid test