Saturday, September 8, 2012

What do your kids eat?

It's funny how many times I get asked this question.  Probably daily.

Even funnier is the answer.   I don't know?   : )

Not really.  With Hayden we have some set things and I'm adding things slowly. He goes through phases where he wants the same thing every day for two months, then he switches.With Rylie... I give her choices, and if she won't eat them I give her more choices. She eats constantly, since it's mostly fruits and vegetables, which don't fill you up much.  She will eat a meat or veggie one day but not the next, which makes life extra difficult. I've discovered that she does like beans, which is a typical dinner food for her.

my fridge


Hayden is on a Gluten Free, Casein Free diet.  This means he can't eat any foods that contain wheat or milk.
List of foods that contain wheat or milk
Great list of GFCF diet resources from TACA

Hayden's Supplements Post  Hayden explains why he doesn't want to take any more pills today
Nutrition for Autism Post  More info on how diet helps children with Autism
Hayden's Diet and Supplements Post  Specifics on why Hayden is on this diet

His 3 foods he switches between for a main course are:
pizza (recipe here)

Cooking rice spaghetti is a bit different: it has this white foam on it and needs to be rinsed.

Finished product looks the same as wheat spaghetti.

chicken nuggets

chocolate almond milk
  Blue Diamond Chocolate Almond Breeze Unsweetened ( 12x32 OZ)
vanilla almond milk

vanilla rice milk
  Rice Dream Rice Drink, Enriched Vanilla, 8-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 27)
white grape juice

green beans (he'll only eat canned)
Lay's or Ruffles plain potato chips (Hayden often eats chips in the morning in the car. This probably makes me look like a really bad mom to all the daycare parents who see him chomping away in the back seat as we pull up. But, Hayden needs the fat since he's under weight, and needs the salt because his iodine is low. And, all he's really getting is potatoes, oil and salt. Whereas the other kids at daycare probably ate chocolate frosted sugar bombs for breakfast. So don't give me your looks.)  ; )

GF chocolate chip protein muffins  (recipe here)
fruit bars
Enjoy Life Caramel Apple Chewy On The Go Bars, Gluten, Dairy & Nut Free, 5-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 6)
  Enjoy Life Cinnamon Raisin Crunch Granola, Gluten, Dairy & Nut Free, 12.8-Ounce Pouches (Pack of 6)
Daiya cheese (they make a cheese wedge now that he loves)

sometimes I can get him to eat
GF bacon or hot dogs
Amy's GFCF Mac N Cheese
  Rice Mac & Cheese
canned corn
chicken breast
vegetable soup (just the broth, he eats around the veggies)
jello (homemade)
animal crackers
 Product Details
Bisquick GF pancakes

Treats he loves
GFCF donuts
  Product Image for Gluten Free Nut Free Chocolate Dipped Donuts
cake/ cupcakes
  Gluten Free Cake Mix

CF vanilla or chocolate "ice cream"

I add oil to his pizza and spaghetti to bump up the calories. I used to add protein powder and found out that wasn't the best idea, because it's filling him up but not giving him as many calories.

I add flax powder to his pizza and spaghetti for omega fatty acids. If he doesn't get enough omegas he starts having nightmares.

I have successfully gotten him to at least try a bite of
pot roast

Things I've tried with Hayden and he won't eat yet
GF waffles
homemade GFCF mac n cheese
chicken noodle soup

Rylie is on the GFCF diet and the Specific Carb Diet.

I took this pic after going to the grocery for the first time after starting SCD:

I buy Beechnut brand baby food, because I heard that Gerber's preservatives contain milk and Beechnut's don't. Who knows if this is true, but it's better not to risk it.

The idea behind the Specific Carb Diet is that complex carbs (grains and sugar) are too large for her tummy to digest. I have to avoid all foods with sugar added. Sugar is really hard to avoid in store-bought foods. In fact if it's got more than one ingredient, one of them is probably sugar. She also has to avoid complex carbs, like corn, potatoes, and all grains. It doesn't help that she's allergic to sesame (in store-bought hummus), flax, hazelnut, and coconut.  This page and this page have lists of what's allowed or not allowed on SCD. 

Rylie also has a feeding disorder. She can't bite off food or chew it as she should. She prefers soft foods. This adds to the difficulty of getting her to try and eat new things.  She will be going back to Riley Hospital's Outpatient center where they will teach her how to chew her food. 

Rylie craves carbs. She crawls under the table at daycare to find what the other kids dropped.  She goes through Hayden's cabinets at home and brings me his food, or opens it herself and goes to hide and eat her treasure. I'm going to have to lock the cabinets. And have her take the OAT to see what's really going on in her gut.

Rylie likes
black olives
white (northern) beans
pinto beans
black beans


Give Rylie a few beans in a bowl. Come back to find most of them on the floor. 

And a big smile on her face.   This is why I have since moved the high chair to the tile floor.

meat balls  (I added applesauce instead of bread crumbs to make it SCD compliant)
chicken breast (baked, fried or boiled)
pork chops
scrambled eggs
pork rinds (high in fat, which is a good thing for her since I'm trying to get her to gain weight. These were a life-saver when I switched her to SCD, since she loves potato chips but they're illegal on SCD. I call the pork rinds "crunchies" and give them to her whenever Hayden's eating chips.)
cooked carrots
freeze-dried bananas (Freeze dried, not just dried. The dried are too crunchy for her feeding issues, she can't chew them.)
Organic Raw Freeze-Dried Banana
almond butter (since I'm severely allergic to peanuts I'm afraid to give her peanut butter)

Mmmm.  Almond butter.  Rylie has figured out that every time she eats almond butter I have to give her a bath because I can't get the almond butter off her. So she'll often ask for almond butter, each three bites, and say, "bafff! bafff!" Rylie does love her bath. 


tomato sauce (with no sugar)  Muir Glen was the only brand I could find store-bought without added sugar. I tried making homemade and she wouldn't eat it, but I'll keep trying.
banana baby food

Sometimes she'll eat
hot dogs
(I try to buy fresh, organic fruits. If not, I only buy fruits canned in juice, not syrup, which is sugar.)
dried fruit (you have to be careful, most have added sugar)

Things neither kid will eat yet
squash chips  I've tried this twice and they ended up mushy. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong with it.
homemade smoothies
coconut yogurt
almond yogurt

My goal would be for both kids to eat only SCD, and only home-made foods that are organic and free of dyes and preservatives.  Slowly, slowly, maybe some day I'll get there. : )  Right now I use a lot of store-bought products for both kids, for lack of time. And, for their lack of willingness to eat the homemade things I make. : )

Pinterest Recipes I'd like to try

TACA's GFCF Recipe Database

Where do I buy the special foods? 
Kroger  GF BBQ chips, EnerG Bread, Rice Milk, Almond Milk, one Kroger does carry Daiya shredded cheese
Meijer  Enjoy Life fruit bars, Applegate Farms GF hot dogs, Ian's chicken nuggets, Amy's mac n cheese
Target  Applegate Farms GF bacon, Rice Milk, Almond Milk, organic produce
Nature's Pharm (Local health food store)  Daiya cheese, CF Ice cream, GFCF frozen baked goods, GF baking goods, dried fruits

All Done!  Time for a bath!