Sunday, March 31, 2013

Children's Museum Photos

Super Hero exhibit. Rylie wasn't sure what we were doing so she tried really hard to imitate whatever it was Hayden did:

Ok, Mom, that's enough pictures now.

Hayden's Angry (Darth Maul) Face:

Rylie's angry face:

And his Batman Face: (Note that Rylie is trying to scowl as well)

Hayden loves Ninja turtles.

Rylie really wanted to scuba dive like Hayden. Unfortunately the tank weighed a good 4 pounds and she could barely walk around in it. 

I tried to help her climb onto the exhibit but she couldn't stay up there and keep her balance with the tank on. 


The "glass" exhibit is always a favorite (these are made out of plastic so the kids can create their own sculpture.)

We had a great day! 

SCD / Paleo Lunch Ideas

Ham and white beans, frozen peas, broccoli with hummus.

Pot roast and carrots from the crock pot, and grapes.

Crock pot chicken, shredded, refried beans, frozen strawberries.

Tried a new scrambled egg recipe: added a little bit of salsa. She didn't seem too impressed. Sliced apples, sugar snap peas.

Chicken sausage (tried a new brand. She didn't like it much), mixed fruit, 15 bean soup (cooked as soup then drained.)

SCD Chicken fingers (recipe here; I left out the cheese. These were really good.), carrot sticks, frozen peaches

Hamburger with pizza sauce, black beans, frozen peaches.

SCD Chili, baked squash with honey, stir-fry veggies. I don't think she liked any of these. :)  But I'm sharing in hopes that your kids love chili and would be willing to try it.


These are photos of the lunches I send for 2-year-old daughter Rylie each day. I try to send a meat, a fruit, and a vegetable, but some mornings I run out of time and have to improvise. :)  Since my daughter has many food allergies and a feeding disorder (difficulty chewing crunchy food), I'm even further limited in what I can put in her meals. Often I include two things I know she likes and one that she has never tried. 

Since she's in daycare her teachers can warm up her food for her each day. I send paper plates for that purpose so they don't use plastic or Styrofoam.

I use frozen or fresh fruits and veggies because canned nearly always have added sugar.

How I make the pot roast: 

2 lbs stew meat
1 jar salsa (I use fresh salsa)
salt, pepper, garlic, onion, parsley
1/2 cup of beef broth or veggie broth:

 I use what I need from the container then freeze the rest in ziploc bags in 1 cup or 1/2 cup servings. Then when I need some broth I just dump it frozen onto the meat as you see in the above picture. Before I started doing this I was wasting the remainder of the container because I didn't use it soon enough.

I let the meat cook several hours on low or overnight, until the salsa completely cooks down to nothing and leaves the meat flavorful and tender.  I scoop the meat out with a slotted spoon and put it in a container, leaving the good juices in the crock pot. Then add whatever veggies I want and let them cook 2 or three more hours. I do it this way because I like my meat really tender, but I don't like the veggies mushy. This way the veggies still get the benefit of being cooked in the juices but aren't over-cooked.

Rylie likes carrots and green beans. I like green beans, potatoes, some diced tomatoes, and zucchini. I add  the potatoes for myself and just don't give them to Rylie since they're not SCD-legal. In fact I really only give her the carrots, beans, and meat since that's all she likes at the moment, and I eat the other veggies.

This is the second round of photos on this topic.   The first is here

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Rylie the Brave

What Miss Rylie has been up to...

 Wearing her shiny shoes and Mommy's hat: 

Rylie's 2nd Birthday Party

Watching shows with Grandma:

 Making Grandpa hold all her dogs and baby dolls:

Having some SCD, GFCF birthday cake: 

Big Girl Haircut:

I'm busy Mom, get away with that camera.

Covered in blueberries and trying to jump on the trampoline:

Refusing to wear pants but insisting on boots:

Coloring her feet with a marker:

Early morning bling:

Running away and refusing to get her diaper changed:

Getting into Mom's stuff:

Wearing as many clips in her hair as possible:

Refusing to take off her boots for nap time: 

Teaching her baby doll to use the potty (even though she hasn't figured out how to use it yet herself):

She refused to get on any bounce houses at Monkey Joe's, so we sat and cuddled for a while, then had our own photo shoot together with my phone while Hayden played.

She got herself ready for school (with Hayden's hat and backpack, no coat, no pants or shoes.) Apparently both my children have a problem with wearing pants.

Stealing Mommy's sunglasses:

She enjoyed the Children's Museum this past weekend. Here she is playing Archeologist. (While Hayden is busy digging, she's walking up and down admiring her cool outfit and then trying to push her stroller around.)

The other day on the way to school she sang nearly the entire ABC song on her own. I was so astonished I had to pull the car over and record her.

Rylie has always had a knack for memorization, like her brother. Usually you only have to teach her something once, like the name of an object or how to do something, and she will remember it from then on.

First Steps came to evaluate Rylie for services. They did not approve services for her gait, which I disagree with. I hope that as time goes on it either improves as they say it will, or that they come to see that it is truly an odd gait. (It kind of reminds me of Gollum's sideways walk.)  They did agree that she has low tone (poor muscle strength.) They did approve her for OT services to help with her feeding disorder (not chewing, chipmunking her food in her mouth, refusal to eat some textures and temperatures), and sensory issues (she doesn't like her teeth brushed, hair brushed, sitting in her car seat, clothes put on over her head.)

Here is a link to the Adaptive portion of her eval

An OT will come once a week to her daycare. Excited for the services to start! The OT will come to our place this week for the initial visit and services should start after that. It was also nice to have the therapists confirm my suspicion that Rylie is actually above average in all areas other than adaptive (OT). For example, her use of language is unbelievable. Each day she surprises me by saying something new, and speaking in more and more complex phrases, usually 4 but sometimes up to 6 words each:
"I want diff-ent one."
"I no like it."
"My tummy hurt, too."
"Help Mommy, open this."
"Hayden took! Mommy! Hayden took Rylie 'puter! No, Hayden, that not nice! That mine!"  (This last one made both Hayden and I crack up! She was on the couch, nowhere near the computer, and went running over to him yelling this when she saw he had gotten on it.)

Rylie was started the vitamin supplement Carnitine after her last Autism appointment, along with several other things, and it has really helped her overall health, immune system, and hair growth. Her hair especially is thicker and shinier and starting to actually grow. I'm excited to see what the next appointment brings. Probably more blood tests, but also more information.

Her stomach still has major issues of some type. Her diarrhea is improved but she still has borderline diarrhea most of the time, and if she's sick or eats something she shouldn't, her BMs are nearly water. Her belly is usually hard to the touch and distended.

Here I was about to change her diaper and realized that it was a good view of her distended belly, so I took a picture first:  

Hopefully we will be able to do an Organic Acid urine test at her next appointment (with a catheter since she refuses to pee in a cup) to see what kind of issues there are in her gut. I'm guessing bacteria and yeast, and hoping it's not parasites (all common problems for children with Autism. Rylie does not have Autism that I know of, but does have Mitochondrial Metabolism Disorder which can be an underlying cause of Autism. Hayden has Mito as well.)  An article about Mito: 

I've joined several new Facebook groups and I'm trying to learn a little more each day. Some of the groups I've joined are:
Autism, A Natural Approach (Treating Autism with Essential Oils)
Mitochondrial Autism
Pediatric Feeding Disorders

Rylie is not a completely healthy child yet, but she's much improved from a year ago, and despite all of her illness she's always happy. Each day she improves and shows that she really is a strong and brave little girl.

Love you Ry-Bug!