Friday, March 21, 2014

Post Hope

I almost didn't go to sign language class after work today because I was so 'busy'. But I went, and it was fun, as always.

Then after, someone needed my help and advice and I'm so glad I could be there for her and give her some hope.

But walking out it was almost 4:40 (my guardian angel's sign) and I felt like I wasn't done helping people. There was something else.

Then someone out in the parking lot told me she needed help too. She was a stranger to me. But she was crying. And I wouldn't have seen her had I not done the other two things first. She said, "I prayed to God that there were still good people."

Not sure if it's God, or my guardian angel, or Karma or what that made all of that work. But helping them just made my day.

I'm grateful today for serendipity. Just in case anyone's having a rotten day--- there are still good things...sometimes we have to stop being so busy, and let them surprise us. 

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