Monday, August 18, 2014

Houston Enzymes presentation

Great presentation last week at Cornerstone Autism Center by Dr. Devin Houston of Houston Enzymes.  

Thank you to Staci Small of The Wellness Philosophy for attending and supporting this event! 

Here is an article by Dr. Houston on Getting Started with Enzymes.  

Everyone in our house takes an enzyme with every meal. My tummy wouldn't be the same without enzymes!

Friday, August 15, 2014


Two years ago Hayden refused to hug his grandparents when they left at visits and holidays. He preferred high fives. Same for uncles, aunts, etc. He was too sensitive to touch and didn't want to be that close to anyone except his mom and dad. All his relatives know this and usually just ask for a high five from him when they leave.

Earlier this week, Joe came to me after picking up Hayden from school. He (Joe) had a big smile on his face. "Guess what happened!"

This week, one of Hayden's YMCA before & after care teachers had her last day. She was changing to a different school.  This is someone Hayden met 2 weeks ago. He sees her only an hour each day.
Joe asked Hayden to say goodbye to her.  Instead, Hayden went over and gave her a big hug.

After Joe told the story, he waited for me to say something.

"Um... that's good?" I said, not sure what was so exciting.

Joe said, "FUA!  He never hugs anyone! And he gave her a big hug without being asked!"

I melted into a smile. Because my boy had done something huge, and I didn't even notice. But Joe did. That makes it even more special.

Sometimes these little victories are missed, because they seem to happen more often and more quickly now that Hayden has been doing Biomed for so long. And they're so small that they're easy to miss in the busy day to day.

But compared to two years ago, this is a big deal. Hayden understood that his teacher was leaving, and wanted to say Goodbye.

This is what treating Autism looks like. This is how our kids get better.  Tiny victories that add up to big change.

#FU, Autism. He's one step closer today to saying Goodbye to you, too.

[Pictured: Rylie visiting her new preschool classroom for the first time. Hayden sat on the tiny couch and allowed her to bring him food that she had "cooked". He even pretended to eat it.]

"Hey, Hayden--  Smile!" 

Friday, August 8, 2014

Happy Full Moon Friday!

Rylie has had a great first two weeks of preschool.  She didn't cry once!

Hayden is loving his new school and already has made a new friend at the YMCA.

Tomorrow is a full moon... things are crazy & I'm tired!

This morning I told Hayden I needed a hug before he left with Joe for school.  This was his response before he walked over:   "Commencing."  

FUA!  Commencing weekend.  Happy Full Moon (tomorrow) Friday, everyone!

Top YouTube Videos

This first video has reached over 40,000 hits and has generated a bit of controversy in the comments.  Many viewers have raised the question of whether this video "looks like Autism."  (Some comments were rather rude and were deleted, which is why you don't see them.)  My response is below.

This next video has reached over 60,000 hits on YouTube.  I'm glad to be able to educate others about Autism and what echolalia looks like.  

Echolalia is when a child only speaks by repeating whatever words he hears.  This was how Hayden communicated for at least a year.  He never initiated words, but simply repeated whatever words were spoken to him.  The very first and very last words he speaks are an example of nonsense words, speaking gibberish. I believe he is 2 1/2 in this video.  We were so excited for him to speak at all, at first, so we found this very humorous. After a year of him still speaking in echolalia, we were able to see that his communication was not developing appropriately.

Thank you for reading and allowing me to continue to educate others on "What Autism Looks Like."  I hope to post more videos in the future as time allows.