Monday, March 30, 2015

Where do I start?

If you're interested in pursuing Biomedical therapies for your child, this could be a good resource for you!  

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Filing a State Complaint

An article from the Center for Parent Information and Resources, about some options if you're unhappy with your child's special education services. 

"State complaints are an important procedural safeguard in IDEA, because they give individuals and organizations a mechanism through which they can address special education conflicts and resolve disputes. The complaint resolution process tends to be less intimidating than a due process hearing and is an alternative to it."

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Joe AND the Farmer?

In the car, Rylie makes me sing songs. Today I chose Farmer in the Dell. "The farmer takes a wife, the farmer takes a wife, hi--"
Rylie interrupted: "what's a wife?"

Me: well when two people get married, the man is the husband and the lady is the wife.
Ry: Oh, like you! 

Me: well, no, not yet...When I get married I will. 
Ry: You're going to marry Joe AND THE FARMER?!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Biomed Changed Everything

Someone made a movie (click to watch it yourself), and it inspired me to try 'the diet', and it changed everything. I thought, if it's that simple, and it worked for these kids, why not for mine?  I want my child to have that level of change!

By 'the diet' I mean removing dairy, soy and gluten. I had no idea that there were even more facets to this path, including supplementing vitamins, checking for other food allergies, and more.  But for me, removing dairy was the start of a wonderful journey into Biomed that has changed all of our lives.

For my kids and Biomed, there have been some huge "wow" moments. 

  • Last summer my Rylie grew 4 clothing sizes in 4 months when we added B12 shots.  (She went from 24 months clothes to 4t). This is from my little girl that just wouldn't grow.  Now she does. 

June 2014

 October 2014

  • When we added B12 with Hayden, he started having more interactive conversations with others. 
  • When we successfully healed Rylie's gut, she stopped having diarrhea 5 times a day to now normal daily BMs.  She has been able to add rice flour back into her diet. Using a simple carb diet and treating for yeast, bacteria and parasites have fixed many issues for her. 
  • When we gave Hayden vitamin K, he stopped having bruising all over his legs. 
  • Melatonin helps Rylie get to sleep rather than lying awake for hours. It doesn't seem to affect Hayden. 
  • Quercetin has improved Hayden's allergies. 
  • Supplements for their immune systems have helped them not get sick every week.
  • Biotin, B12 and others have helped Rylie's hair to actually start growing. 

There are many more examples. I'm not imagining the changes that have happened in my children. They're real.

I hear from a lot of people that they're not real, though.  "Diet Mumbo Jumbo."  "Nonsense."  "Not based in research."

It is based on research, but if you don't take the time to read the research I guess that allows you to deny it?  (click to read some of the research if you haven't already.)

It's hard to hear so many people tell me these things.  How can you say that my child was never ill? I have plenty of evidence to the contrary. How can you say that something I put so much time, research, energy, and pride into, is not real?  Instead you could say, I'm choosing not to learn about that because it sounds too hard.  or  I tried that but it didn't work for me.  But don't tell me that it's not real. I, along with others, have worked very hard for my children to improve. They have worked very hard. They were very sick and they are getting better.

Really, though, when I hear these comments, they just remind me that I need to keep showing more examples, keep telling our story. Keep educating others. Autism is treatable. There are things you can do. I believe I have an obligation of sorts to share this information with others.

You just have to want it enough. And you have to be willing to try.

Is Biomed a magic pill that cures everything? Is it easy?  

I'm pretty sure no one doing Biomed will say that.

These interventions must be specific to the child, so you have to do blood testing. My own two kids don't have the same program.

You have to do your own research, because most doctors won't help you. Often family and friends won't, either.

You have to commit to make changes. You have to be consistent. You can't stop after the first week or even two weeks, because the junk is leaving the system and new behaviors will pop up.  Allow the junk to leave the system. Wait two months. Then decide if it's "working".  And don't let Aunt Suzy to give him a cookie on Fridays because "he looks like he wanted it."  You wouldn't give sugar to a child with diabetes, so don't give products with dairy to mine.

Problem solving is a required skill for this project, as is patience. I think the biggest problem for some parents is that most of the changes are small, and sometimes unnoticeable except to outsiders who haven't seen you in a while.  If you don't take notes, you might not notice the changes. Simple things, like making a new sound, being less affected by loud noises, or making slightly more eye contact. The changes take time and are subtle. Many people give up, because XYZ "didn't work". Did it really not work, or did you not take any notes?  Did you keep reading and researching, to learn about and try LMNOP? Or tweak the XYZ by removing Z and adding T?  Small steps, one change at a time, and patience.

Search Facebook for helpful support groups. Attend meetings and conferences. Find a practitioner who supports Biomedical Interventions, such as a MAPS clinician.

For those who find what works, it can change everything. The simple changes begin to stack, one upon another, until you turn around and one day, you have a different kid. This is what happened for me.

It's easier not to try. 

Maybe Biomedical Interventions won't work for your child...  but what if they do? What if you just need to get inspired and learn from others who have traveled that road? What if making a few changes and bringing a healthier lifestyle to your whole family, will bring a change of direction for your child and his or her future path?

I'm forever grateful to the people who made that movie. They cared enough to showcase what helped their children and to give that to others. They refused to listen to those who said, "what you're doing isn't real. It doesn't work."  I try to pay back those who came before me, by helping others who are new to this journey. By saying out loud, "It does work. It worked for us. Please try." 

A great place to start is or

And there will be plenty of research and science presented on April 18th at the Biomedical Interventions for Autism Conference. If you're even a little bit curious, come and give it a chance. Allow yourself to try.

And of course...  what about other therapies?  

Most likely you will need these too!  It depends again on the child. We have used OT, ST, and/or ABA for our kids. They have worked wonders. But just like with a computer, if you don't fix the hardware, the software won't be able to do its job. It takes both.  :)  ABA and these other therapies have been essential for us, so I am in no way discounting them. But without Biomed my children would not be where they are today.

This post was made possible by Joseph, who took the kids to the movies so I had time to write.  :)

Usual Disclaimer:  I am not a medical practitioner and this blog is not meant as medical advice. Every person is different and requires a different program. Therefore you need to do research and find a biomedical practitioner who can perform testing and help you find what will work best for your child. 


H, from upstairs: "Mommy! Mommaaay!"
Me, cooking: yes?
H: you have to come up here!
Me: is it an emergency?
H: Yes!
Me: sigh...

ok I'm here. What.
H: ignoring me and watching the Lego movie...
Me: Hayden?...
H: look, it's all messed up!
Me: how is this an emergency?
H: look at it!
Me: the subtitles are in French.
H: yes can you change it?

We need to work on our definition of emergency.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Our Team

Friday ‪#‎FUA‬:

I'm grateful for the people who have been supporting Hayden and our family this school year. So glad to have these people on our team!

Catherine Michael, Educational Law

Sheila Wolfe and Christine Bivens, parent advocates

Sarah Winningham, BCBA and Arielle Lofgren, Cornerstone ABA Therapy