Thursday, July 23, 2015

ThrowBackThursday: March 2010

"She gave me Hope, that things could work out for Hayden, and that things would be better for me. It was what I needed to hear."

To think, the things I heard that day, I'm now repeating to so many other families!  It feels really good to bring positive change to others and pay it forward.

Five Years Ago He Couldn't Speak.


I Looked Everywhere!

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Little Readers

Finally had H's friends party at Monkey Joe's. He asked for books and Legos. He was excited to wear his new shirt, too.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Things That Are Inappropriate To Say In Public

As uttered by Hayden at one time or another. 

·        Is that a boy or a girl?
·        Do you speak Spanish?  'Cause you look like you do.
·        You look like the President.
·        I don’t like your shirt.
·        Why are you fat?
·        You probably need more exercise.
·        You’re old.
·        Why do you have a wheelchair?
·        You probably need a shower.
·        Your face looks weird.
·        Is there a baby in your belly?
·        How old are you?  (to adults)
·        Is he deaf?  (about child with autism)
·        I don’t want to play with him, he can’t talk.   (about child with autism)
·        What’s wrong with your arms?  (scars/ injury, etc.)
·        This conversation is boring.
·        Fix your hair.
·        I had diarrhea yesterday.
·        Who farted?

This list was created for his therapist, who will be working with him on what not to say in public, and what to say instead.  :)