Monday, August 31, 2015

Thinking of Others: FUA

It was Hayden's turn to pick a show yesterday evening. Rylie was on the phone with her dad. Hayden got up to put on his show choice and then he stopped and came back to the table, talking to himself: "I should wait for Rylie to finish her conversation. She might enjoy watching this show too."

I told him I was so proud of him!!! and he said, "Well, she's my sister, I can't leave her out!"

Behaviors shown that some thought he'd never have:  thinking of others, thinking ahead, self control.

FUA.  We're beating you Autism, a little bit every day!  

[Picture is from a June baseball game. Because I'm kinda busy right now and I don't have anything else handy.]  

Friday, August 21, 2015

Friday Success

Hayden has had a great start to school. He is working with his ABA therapist on noticing things in his environment and paying attention to the needs of others. This morning he noticed that the cat needed food and water. He said, "oh, she needs more food!" and gave her some. Then he looked at her water and said, "Hmmm."  It was about 1/4 full. I said, "Would you like to give her some more water?"  Yes.  And he did.   :)

Way to go Hayden, noticing the needs of others and taking care of them.  :)

The gang visiting a friend near Chicago.  :) 

Friday, August 14, 2015

Token Boards at Home

Summer Chart:

School Days:  (easier to earn tokens)  Doing his homework counts as his schoolwork token. 

Rylie's Chart

Rylie's worksheets are preschool work (tracing, counting, etc.)

Hayden's School Work Choices was accidentally deleted. I will try and retype soon.  It includes practicing conversations, math facts, social skills, reading and writing practice.