Friday, June 3, 2016

Friday FUA: His IEP Draft

Statements from Hayden's teachers in his most recent IEP draft:  

Hayden is polite, caring, conscientious, and hard working. He enjoys interacting with his peers and adults. He earns good grades.

Hayden stays in the classroom and struggles with focusing and frustration when things do not go as expected.

Hayden participates in the 3rd grade general education curriculum. He shows good academic strengths.

Hayden manages his student role well with the Instructional Assistant. He does still become frustrated at times.

His social skills are very good as well. He interacts with friends and uses appropriate conversational exchanges. For the most part, he is a typical 3rd grade student.

Hayden will participate in the appropriate grade level state assessments. He is at or above grade level. It is fully anticipated that Hayden will obtain a high school diploma.

LRE Placement Category based on Federal Program Types: 50: General education classroom (In a general education classroom for 80% or more of the day)

Reasons for provisions and reasons for rejecting other options: 
Hayden has been successful in the general education setting with support from a Special Education Staff Member. This is his least restrictive environment. He is accessing the general education curriculum and doing very well socially, behaviorally, and academically. Spending more time in the special education resource room would be more restrictive and not meet the needs of Hayden at this time.

Photo:  Hayden and his friends on a recent field trip downtown.