Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Updates with the move

Hayden has had a pretty good weekend despite the move. There was a minor tantrum or two at home where he locked himself in his room. I can't recall what he was mad about. He's been struggling with Rylie this week, as far as not liking her crying or having to share time with me. But, he did really well yesterday sharing his Wii U game with her, teaching her how to play and not taking over. This is something he's struggled with in the past. Both kids are loving the new house and enjoying the extra space. We're excited once we get unpacked to have a chance to get outside and explore the new neighborhood.

Random aside:  This week Hayden has been asking about bullies. How to avoid a bully, does being a 'nerd' or smart make him a target, and his reaction if someone were to bully him. His answer was that he would "make them regret it" by yelling and attacking them. Not the reaction we're looking for. :) 

We are so grateful to grandma and grandpa for watching the kids for two days while we got settled. Thanks for making things a lot easier!