Tuesday, August 29, 2017

First weeks of school

He has had really good days at school with only a few minor behaviors since school started!

His sister's crying has been a major trigger for him in the past. The other day she kept crying repeatedly (maybe 5 separate occasions one night) and he yelled on the last two times. He wanted to run off to his room but we really needed to finish his homework so he could have his reward (screen time) before bed. So I encouraged him to get through the work and had her leave the area. He did so well remaining calm and getting his work done despite his frustration!

Yesterday he went to the orthodontist. He was very nervous about whether he would need x-rays and kept verbalizing that he was nervous. During the visit he let the orthodontist touch his mouth even though it made him uncomfortable. He did a great job through the exam.  So proud of how far he has come!

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Sunday, August 20, 2017

Flashback: August 2010

Some people who know Hayden now but did not know him before assume that he was always "high functioning." This is far from the case. A typical 4 year old should be able to tell you all kinds of things about their day. Mine had only a few words. After starting ABA therapy and Biomed, his words started to come out.


Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Taking a break

Hayden had a great first day of school today! His special ed teacher told him that her goal for him this year is to ask for a break rather than leaving the room without asking when he's upset. I have been reminding him of this goal this week and going over good choices he can make.

Today he asked for a break! He later told his therapist that he was starting to get upset and thought about stomping out of the room. But he remembered that I told him that his goal was to take a break and decided to ask for a break! He was able to go to the sensory room to calm down rather than have a meltdown. I am so so proud of him! Great job Hayden!