Sunday, August 28, 2011

I'm back!

Well, I'm trying to get back in the swing of things, and I've needed to blog about my little ones for a while, so here's a long-needed update! Hopefully I can continue to post every week like I was trying to before. : )

In June Hayden was having lots of staring spells so his DAN doctor recommended he see a neurologist.  Here's a picture of the chart his therapists made at school of how often he was zoning out.

The neurologist did a short brain scan that didn't show any abnormal activity, so she wanted to do a 24 hour scan to see if she could catch any seizures.  (Staring spells can be petit mal seizures, and the danger would be if he zoned out while riding a bike or walking, and went into traffic.)  None seemed to happen during the day-long testing, so that is a good sign for now. Honestly the staring spells happened during the two weeks that I was most stressed from what we'll call "the situation," so I'm sure he was picking up on my stress and was feeling more stressed himself.  He even came up to me one day and said, "Mommy, why are you scared?"  Huge for him, since he doesn't notice the emotions of others.  But once we got to our new place he has been more relaxed and has had less staring spells.  Hopefully, whatever it was, it has passed. And, he got some new toys out of the deal for wearing his "robot" for a day.

Rylie is so crazy awesome.  She has been so different from Hayden in so many ways, in part because her personality is different and because she's a girl, but also in part (I hope) because she is going to be "typical." She is into everything, curious about everything. She's super fast and will probably be walking soon.  Her little legs are so strong.  The lady at daycare says she's "small and mighty."  : )  The other day I called her Thumbelina. She is in the 10th percentile for her size. Not that I'm surprised, but when people ask me if she's 4 months old and I have to say 7 months, it's kinda embarrassing. Ah well.  Usually I just call her Rylie Boo or Boo.  Hayden used to tell me that that wasn't her name: "his name is Why-wee!," but he's given up because I just keep doing it. : )

Rylie's been trying some new foods (waiting a week to make sure she doesn't have an allergic reaction.)  She really likes squash, bananas, sweet potatoes, and peaches. I've been trying to buy organic and would love to make my own if I can figure out how (and find time). I've been adding cereal to her bottles because she's been super hungry, and I can't afford for her to go through two cans of Alimentum formula a week.  : )  She likes it, so that's good.

I'm taking over the Cornerstone parent group, so I should have an update on this week's meeting for you soon! Here are the flyers I made for it:


Aren't my babies so awesome?! : )

Wow, so much more to tell you but these dishes aren't going to wash themselves!
: )   Sheila

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