Wednesday, January 4, 2012

2011: OMG-eepers

January 10th Rylie Noelle was born.  Small but mighty. She is wonderful. She brings me joy each day and I can't wait to get to know the beautiful person she'll become.

June 26th Jason said "If we separated I would miss the kids more than you." And so I moved out.

July 11th  The kids and I moved into a new apartment in Greenwood. Everyone wants to know why I didn't keep the house.  With all I have to do with my kids, I didn't think I would have time to mow the lawn and shovel snow, and keep that huge house clean by myself.  Besides, work, daycare and Hayden's school, and many of my friends, are on this side of town.  Staying in Mooresville just meant more commute time and less time with my kids. Plus, it was nice feeling like I was getting a fresh start.

October:  My new position at Perry Township became official. I am now a Technology Integration Specialist.  I help teachers use technology in the classroom.  And I made this website if you want to check it out:  I also became the head of the parent organization for Hayden's school Cornerstone.  More fun events in the works for this coming year!

Status Updates pulled from Facebook for 2011: (One very cool thing to note is how much Hayden's language skills improve by the end of the year.)







"How deep is the ocean, How high is the sky" is from a poem by Irving Berlin that I read to Jason at our wedding.  The full line is, "And if I ever lost you, how much would I cry?  How deep is the ocean, how high is the sky?"




Ok, so the sheep thing was in reference to a certain people who just tote along in life and let everything happen to them without doing anything about it.  Be a leader! Don't be a sheep!  : )


(Obviously the rest of November's Thankful days got away from me.  I'm thankful for all of you... Does that count?)


And, something great to share.  Two emails from a coworker about the advice I gave to help her son improve his gut issues: 


Thanks to everyone who helped me get through 2011 alive.  Some days were hard. Some days were great. But without the support of friends and family I wouldn't have made it. Thanks to each of you for giving me encouragement and hope for better times.

2012 can only get better.  It already is:  Rylie is eating all solid food, with the exception of a bottle before nap and bed.  She is off of milk products and is gaining weight beautifully.  (Her bottles are rice milk or flax milk.)  She didn't get the Strep infection that Hayden had, which means her immune system has improved.  And unlike me and Hayden, she never met a food she didn't like. Well, except refried beans. Who puts that on the menu at a daycare, anyway?  Last night for dinner Rylie ate 2 chicken nuggets, a full serving of peas, and two servings of carrots, then snacked the rest of the evening on Kix cereal.  And with fewer bottles to prepare and clean, I got to eat dinner before 8 pm!  

My 2012 blogging goal (besides being more consistent) is to share more of the how-to of my treatment for Hayden, to help other parents save their children from Autism.  Thanks for reading, and thank you for all the support!

Here's to the new year.
: )  Sheila  (and Rylie and Hayden)

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