Saturday, October 6, 2012


Bonus pic:  Bowling!

Appleworks Orchard

Deep in thought 

The Slide 

This was about as close as either kid wanted to be to the "horses". They were "very big".

Hayden is telling the train to stop so he can get on.

Rylie really enjoyed seeing the animals. Both kids were afraid to feed them, but once Grandpa did they got courage and did it. Then they were excited and wanted more.  Hayden really enjoyed the giant slide. He said it was the best day ever. At the end of the afternoon I walked to get dad's car to drive it back and pick everyone up. Problem was I had no idea how to work the contraption. The new Prius doesn't require you to put a key in the ignition, and when you push the power button to turn it on, nothing happens (no noise as if a car is starting up.) You just put it in reverse (which means you have to push the brake then move the gear shift to reverse and it pops back in place, equally confusing) and start driving.  I was pretty proud that I finally figured it out on my own but I was really ready to jump on out of the driver's seat and give it back! :)

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