Friday, December 14, 2012

New Discoveries

Choosing toys for their wish lists to Santa. Notice Rylie was indiscriminate and walked around with any toy she saw. She didn't understand that we were writing toys down, not buying them, but she left peacefully.

  • Rylie (age 23 months) recognizes the letters a, w, and g; her name in print, and can count in Toddler ("1, 2...10!  2...4...2..5!") She also has realized that the egg timer on the oven sometimes means that the bacon is done. "BACON!!"

  • Both my children can eat at Moe's Southwest Grill, which has a list of all the allergens in each ingredient option. Hayden got chicken, lettuce, tomatoes, and rice.  Rylie got chicken, beans, lettuce, and olives.

I warned Hayden before we went in that when someone enters the Moe's Restaurant they yell, "Welcome to Moe's."  He therefore thought it was pretty funny as we were eating every time they yelled "Welcome to Moe's!" and would repeat it and laugh. 

  • Both my children may have mitochondrial metabolism disorder. I will need to start learning more about it and possibly get them tested.  It would have contributed to Hayden's heart murmur, seizures, low muscle tone, gut trouble, and developmental delay.  Rylie's symptoms would be her constipation and failure to gain weight.  More info about mitochondrial disorders is in this article.  The good news about this is that it's information about what may be going on in their bodies, which can lead to more ways to help my children improve. The frustrating aspect is the addition of yet another diagnosis to both of their long lists of current health problems.

Rylie's most recent growth charts:



Rylie just saw Dr. Hulseman (the autism/special needs specialist) on the 12th. Hayden's next appointment with her is the 26th.  He is having yeast issues and trouble peeing again.  Rylie's issues were her distended and hard belly, hives, yeast, failure to gain weight (though improved since last visit), and possible reaction to amoxicillin (yellowing skin, hives, lethargy).

Coming Soon:  2 weeks off for all three of us!  I plan on taking their Christmas pictures and writing our end of year Christmas letter, so stay tuned!  

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Unknown said...

I am so glad you all get two weeks off! Much deserved, and so great there is an actual restaurant to go to so you get a brea k from cooking and they get the oppotunity to learn about eating out in public and trying new disshes!