Sunday, May 12, 2013

How can I help? What do you need?

I get lots of people asking me, "How can I help? What do you need?"

Help. That's it. Just help.

Every parent has a thousand things they need to do, or wish they had time for. Single parents and special needs parents have more. I feel like I have too many, all day every day... it's never done. There's never any clean dishes, or clean pants. They don't always get their teeth brushed or take their medicine. They stay up too late because I'm trying to cook special meals, as I can't just swing by McDonald's and pick something up. Every week there's a new doctor or OT appointment, with someone giving me a list of three more things I need to do. "You need to get him to bring his teeth better. This is bad." "You need to get her to chew her food better. And you need to cut it smaller, or she could choke."  "You need to add this new $40 medicine that tastes terrible."

I blog when the kids are away with their dad, otherwise I don't do much for myself. Most of their weekend away is spent cleaning, cooking, shopping at three stores, and doing laundry. I usually take a few hours to watch some tv and relax, but then it's back to work. Usually what gets tossed is time for myself. Some days I feel like it will never end, and I can never get done what needs to be done, let alone anything I would enjoy doing.

I try not to complain. But sometimes you have to ask for help, and give specific things, or no one knows what you need. Well, here I am, giving specific things and asking for your help.

Anyone who wanted to volunteer a half hour or hour of their time to do any of the following would be greatly appreciated. This week, next week, next month, in three months. Come on over. Announced or not. Msg me on Facebook if you don't have my address.

Volunteer Wish List

Come over and help with the kids:

  • Rylie's OT homework: brush teeth (she doesn't like it), comb hair, help her put clothes on her baby, stack blocks, put food into the back of her mouth and chew with her back teeth, put food on her lips and use her tongue to lick it (she can't do this), drink from an open cup
  • Hayden's dentist appt homework: brush front teeth, brush rear teeth, floss (he won't do it), practice spitting (he swallows it), practice putting toothpaste on the brush
  • create a social story for something Hayden needs to work on 
  • read a book to the kids, or let Hayden read to you
  • play pretend with the kids
  • take the kids to the park 
  • give the kids a bath
  • pick up one of the kids from daycare

Come over and help with chores. Some of these just never get done because there's just not enough time.

  • empty the dishwasher
  • wash dishes 
  • wipe the counters and tables
  • vacuum a room
  • sort laundry
  • pick up toys for the millionth time
  • take the trash to the dumpster
  • pack boxes for the move
  • wash the sinks

Come over and help with vitamins, medicines, and special diets:
  • give the kids their day's vitamins from the chart 
  • help me organize my vitamins and lists
  • cook a food item, like hamburger, eggs, a veggie, bacon, Hayden's pizza
  • cut up fruit for Rylie
  • try to get Rylie to pee in a cup. She refuses. I've already paid a couple hundred dollars for the test.
  • help Hayden take all his pills for the day. It's difficult to get him to take them all each day. He needs constant encouragement to finish all 30 of them. I usually don't have time to keep asking.
  • pick up 1 or 2 things at the grocery, like special bread and cheese.

If you live far away and would like to help, Rylie and Hayden's Amazon Wishlist has common baking needs and vitamins that we go through quickly. Some months I can't afford to pay for all the vitamins and things they need, and they go without. They will survive without, but would be more healthy if I could do all there is to do. #MomGuilt  : )

I don't usually ask for help, so this is new for me. Every little bit counts, including all the kind words and thoughts sent my way. Thank you to friends and family near and far for the support, it's helped me do more than I ever dreamed I could. : ) Each day is a battle but it's worth it because it's working. 

Thanks, from us to you. 

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sonneside said...

Great work asserting yourself for the kid's needs! Don't forget, we are also available for what you need, like watching the kids so you can take a nap, shop, or go out and have some gown up time for yourself! You have to take good care of you, including R and R, or you cannot be at full sharpness for them! <3