Tuesday, June 4, 2013

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Facebook Page:  Hope and Lavender  This page is about 50% Autism and 50% nutrition/clean eating/ healthy living.

Pinterest:  Boards on GFCF, SCD/Paleo, Autism, Autism (Sensory), Kids' Crafts, Toxins in the Home, and Healthy Products

Twitter:   Reposts from my personal and Hope and Lavender Facebook pages. Retweets are usually about Autism.

YouTube Feed:  Random videos of the kids, and several videos (which I hope to add to as I have time) in a series called "What Autism Looks Like" to help educate others on what Autism is and isn't, and to help document Hayden's journey out of Autism. 


Karen Carmody said...

It was great meeting you and the kids tonight at My Toy Garden. I hope we run into each other again sometime. - Mama Carmody

Sheila Damron said...

Thanks, it was nice to meet you, too! The kids had a great time and are enjoying their new sensory toys!