Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Homework-- FUA

Hayden's teacher started using a new program in his classroom for behavior called Class Dojo.  Parents can login from home and see how a student is doing at school in real time. We are really excited for this program and hope to use it at home, as well, for rewards.

The kids get to pick their avatar (monster) and can earn point for good behavior or lose points for inappropriate behavior.  Hayden's report today included this:

We usually try to pick up Hayden from school as late as we can so that he has lots of time in the gym to play with his friends. It's his favorite part of the day. Today Joe picked Hayden up early; Hayden was disappointed to be picked up early but Joe explained that it was because he had seen the Class Dojo report and wanted to talk about some things.

On the drive home Joe spoke to Hayden for several minutes about making good choices, what to do when frustrated, bullying, and treating other children nicely. (If we don't show our friends that we care, and treat them kindly, they won't want to be our friend.) Hayden was pretty quiet during the car ride.

When they got home Hayden wanted to use computer and told Joe he was sorry. (Typically if Hayden is in big trouble at school for hitting or throwing, he doesn't get any screens for the night, and has to write an apology letter.)

Joe asked, "Did you say sorry just to get screen time?"

Hayden: Yes.

Joe:  "Well you don't even know if you have homework tonight; you haven't looked in your backpack."

Joe went upstairs to change clothes.

Important story note:
Hayden never looks in his backpack. He never initiates the homework; he often whines all the way through it, has trouble focusing and has to be constantly reminded to stay on task, and often gets upset when he makes mistakes or doesn't understand the work. Homework is nearly always a battle and takes much longer than it should. He knows the material but can't focus and stop complaining long enough to get it done.

Joe came back downstairs.

Hayden was nearly finished with his homework. 

And it was all correct.

He had gotten into his backpack, opened the binder, found a pencil, sat down and done the homework-- alone, without whining, and figured out the answers on his own. (All except number 7, which he asked for help with.)

FU Autism.  Two years ago he wasn't potty trained. Four years ago he couldn't speak. But he just did this tonight without help, and it was amazing.

And we told him so, and how proud we were.

We are so proud of you Hayden. You're at five eighths. Just a few pieces left in your puzzle. Keep showing Autism where it can go.

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