Friday, June 20, 2014

Friday FUA: Little Victories and DVD Players

[Image is of Hayden and Rylie watching the ducks at Grandma and Grandpa's new apartment. You can see Hayden's hand up at his nose, which is a tic that he's been doing lately. He puts his finger at his nose and rests it there. Usually when he's nervous or thinking about something.]

Two years ago: 

Me:  Hayden do you want to watch a show?
Me:  Hayden?
Me:  Hayden.
H:   (raises his eyebrows)
Me:  Hey Hayden.
H:  (starts to turn his head toward me but his eyes are still intent on the TV commercial.)
Me:  Hey Hayden.
H:  What?
Me:  Do you want to watch a show?
Me:  Hey Hayden.
H: What?
Me: Do you want to watch a show?
H:  Yes.
Me:  What do you want to watch?
Me: Hey, Hayden, what do you want to watch?
H:  Super Why.
Me: Ok.


Me:  Hayden, would you show Rylie how to turn the DVD player on?

Hayden gets up without hesitation from his computer game, goes over to the DVD player. Looks at the DVD player and thinks about pushing the button, but realizes that's not what I asked him. He points at it and looks at Rylie. 
H: It's this one.

(Rylie isn't looking so he says:)
"Rylie push this one here, ok?"

(Rylie pushes the button. Hayden climbs back up into his chair and continues with his game.)

Not only did he respond without hesitation the first time he was asked, he followed a complicated direction, showed someone else how to complete a task, made sure to get her attention, and complied without whining. 

FUA.  Not every moment is like this.  But this moment was perfect.

And it's Friday.

FUA Friday.

You're welcome.

Happy Friday everyone.

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