Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Metals and Microbes

I've been trying to listen to a recording all night about healing autism. Both kids have been doing their best to make a new request every 45 seconds, and/or crawl all over me. So I decided to start telling them about the webinar.

Me: Rylie, did you know that methione starts every protein in the body?
Ry: Why's there a lightbulb [on the screen]?
Me: I dunno. 
Ry: Is that me?
Me: Sure. Hayden, did you know that there are increased glutamate receptors in autism?
H: Huh?
Me: Yeah, and CBS upregulations can cause high levels of sulfites, which traps you at glutamate, which can have excitotoxin activity and increase seizure activity?
H: What are you talking about!!! All this scientific nonsense???

It didn't make them go away. His quote was worth it, though.

Here's the recording if you want to watch it:  Dr. Amy Yasko: Metals and Microbes

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