Monday, November 9, 2015

Public school ain't cheap

Rant time. Sorry. Scroll past now and save yourself!  I just need to say it. 

So... I used to be able to pay a little bit of book rental each month until it was paid off, and I had all year to get it paid. Each month I paid $30 or $40 until it was gone. 

Now they've removed that ability from their online website, AND I just got a letter that people who don't pay in full by December will be taken to collections. Nice.

Don't worry, I'll find that $118 dollars somewhere. In addition to the $600 per month I'm paying for your preschool. And $204 a month for after-care. Plus snack fees. Plus 'optional' $1 jeans days. Plus field trip money several times a year. And I'll send in those cups and napkins you want for the thanksgiving feast you're having next week, even though I just did for the fall party. Not just regular cups, they must be decorative! Got it. And money to roller skate during gym class. And special treats for the party since my kids can't eat anything there. Oh also school pictures are in. Times two. Guess I'll skip. And there's another fundraiser coming up. My kid HAS to spend $5 on the fundraiser to get a rubber duck or he won't be the same as everyone else! The horrors! And there's another book fair coming up soon. Gotta do that. And Santa Shop-- my kid can't be the only one who doesn't get to shop! And please send in two gifts for the class gift exchange. 


If they would just let me pay a little at a time for "book rental" I might chill out a little. Sorry. The letter about collections pushed me over the edge. I just sent you a check for $300 two days ago. 

I thought #PublicSchool was supposed to be free.   😫

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