Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Just a typical evening

Scene: Joe and I are in the kitchen. The kids are supposed to be upstairs getting ready for bed. 

Joe: What do you think Hayden's doing?
Me: sitting in his underwear and reading Garfield. 

Rylie: (yelling down the stairs) MOM!! 
Me: Yes?
Joe: Let me look. It says cold in the morning and warm in the afternoon. So medium sleeves.
Rylie: What does that even MEAN? 
Me: Short sleeves! 
Ry: But Joe said long sleeves AND short sleeves. 
Me: short sleeves. 
Ry: that doesn't make SENSE! Does he want me to wear both? 
Me: short sleeves. 
Ry: MOM!!   I need your help. 
Joe: (turns on vacuum) CANT HEAR YOU, VACUUMING! 
Rylie: (inaudible) 
Us: cracking up 
Joe: (turns off vacuum)
Rylie: MOM I still need your help! 
Me: what is it? 
Rylie: I can't find my pineapple shirt. 
Me: (now upstairs) It's in the dryer. 
Rylie: but when will it be done? 
Me: Tomorrow. 

(check on Hayden, who is in his underwear reading Garfield) 

Me: Did you brush your teeth and go to the bathroom?
H: yes
Me: are you lying? 
H: No. 
R: When will my pineapple shirt be ready? 
Me: tomorrow. 
Joe: go get ready if you want a story. 

Ry: (goes to bathroom and shuts door)
Joe: are you writing all this down? 
Me: yes. do you think she's actually getting ready? 
Joe: I don't know. It's a toss up. 
Rylie: (opens door) I heard that. 

Rylie: when will my pineapple shirt be ready? 
Joe: you better hurry up if you want a story. 
Rylie: I think Hayden's lying about brushing his teeth. 
H: I am not!  Rylie don't take my sleeping bag! 
(As Rylie drags his sleeping bag into her room.)

Our family is ridiculous. I love it.

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