Monday, May 2, 2016

FUA: Lamby Needs a Rescue

Hayden and I were at the grocery today. As I walked the aisles looking for items on my list, he had his nose in his new library book. 

I was saying that we needed bananas as Hayden said, "Look, someone lost Lamby." It was a stuffed toy from the Doc McStuffins cartoon, lying on the floor in the produce aisle. It was obviously well loved.

I remembered a mom with two kids had just been in the aisle so I looked around. They were up at the checkout. 

I told him, "Quick, grab Lamby and take it up to that mom. Ask if it's hers."

I could have done it myself. But I wanted to see if he could do it. 

He was hesitant at first, but did it without complaint. When he got close to the checkout he couldn't find who I was telling him to find. He started to wander back twice shrugging his shoulders and I kept pointing and saying, "Lane 4. The lady in the black shirt. Lane 4." He was 8 feet from her.  

I saw an older couple come around the fruit aisle and stare at me, so I started to go around the fruit to help him. 

But as I got around to the other side, he found her. I pulled my phone up to snap this pic as he was talking to her. She quickly said thank you and put Lamby in her cart. He came back and stood next to me, probably ready to get back to his book.  

Neither he nor the mom he just helped were aware how big this was for him. 

He noticed an item out of place. He willingly picked it up and went looking for the owner. He came back toward me for help when he couldn't find her. He persevered and continued to look. He found her and asked her an appropriate question. (Or at least I hope, since I couldn't hear.) Once she took it, he walked back to me rather than starting an off-topic conversation. (Like he usually does.)

I asked if she said thank you, hoping to see if he would tell me more about what happened. All he said was, "Ugh. I think it had slobber on it." 

And he held an item that he thought was gross because I'd asked him to help someone. 

"Do you want some hand sanitizer?"

"No. It's dry now."

I started cracking up. "Ok, let's get the bananas so you can get home and finish your book."

Such a boy. And my favorite one at that. So proud of you, Hayden!


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