Sunday, March 5, 2017

Bully Book

At Hayden's previous school he had a bully. This child was in his class as well as attending the same before and after school daycare. He withheld a favorite toy from him to watch him get upset. He kicked him in the groin. He created a game at recess called "Make Hayden Mad." The kids would get him upset so that he would act out, and then they would laugh.

Hayden told the Principal that this child was his "mortal enemy."

Hayden has had previous experiences with bullying. I wrote about once instance in this blog post at Chuck E Cheese.

A kind online friend had just written a book for kids, to help them cope with bullies. When she heard what happened, she sent him a copy!

Hayden has been working in his Bully Book and I wanted to share a few pictures here.

You can purchase The Bully Book on Amazon!  Thank you so much, Brooke, for helping Hayden deal with bullies!

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