Sunday, June 13, 2010

Potty in the Toilet!

Hayden went pee pee in the big toilet today for the first time!  He has been going in the tub every few hours consistently, and would sit on the toilet easily, but just couldn't seem to relax enough to go in the toilet.  This morning we tried right after he got up, and it worked!  He said, "Hayden smile."  He's been watching Elmo's Potty Time a lot lately, and he knew he should be proud of himself.  He did not want to wear the underpants, however.  I got him different Cars/Wall-E choices.  I don't think he likes the feel of the underwear on him.  I ordered some pirate undies from Gymboree that should be here soon, we'll see if he'll try those. He has a book called Pirate Potty where the boy has pirate undies, so maybe that will help.

Hayden's appetite has grown immensely since we started him on zinc last week.  Two days ago he asked for 3 kid-size plates of roast chicken for dinner.  Last night he had 3 fish sticks, and some pizza.  We tried a new kind of pizza, where you just toast a piece of rice bread, add sauce and "cheese," instead of making the crust from scratch.  At first he wouldn't try it because it looked different, but when Mommy tried it, and showed him it was still just crust, sauce, and cheese, he tried it and really liked it.  I'm glad, because it's so much easier to make than the other.  Another parent at Gymboree said she made hers this way.

I was doing pretty well for a few days, not feeling too sick, so yesterday kind of surprised me.  I felt awful all day. This morning I'm feeling better.  It's frustrating to me, because I like to get a lot done in the summer, and I feel like laying around all day is not getting my to-do lists done any faster!  I have so many things to do for Hayden. I'd like to try to find an ABA program for him soon (Applied Behavior Analysis), in addition to an OT and speech therapist. At the end of June he has his first dental appointment with a dentist who specializes in special needs.  I hope it goes well.

I had my 10 week ultrasound on Thursday (a week early, since we'll be on vacation that week.)  I got to hear the baby's heartbeat, and see her/him on the screen with its little arm buds. Ha! Too cute.  I was on fertility drugs, so we were concerned there would be twins, but I just saw one!  The new OB I'm going to has the ultrasound tech right in her office, which was really nice.  She said the heartbeat was perfect, and I'm measuring right on schedule.  I'm due January 17th, but we'll schedule the C-section for the week before. I'll deliver at Hendrick's Regional in Danville.  The OB said she had 2 of her kids there, and that the nurses are really nice.

I got to see the Nutritionist for myself last week, and she has me taking magnesium, probiotics, enzymes, calcium, and protein powder.  I feel better when I remember to take an enzyme before eating, so I'm glad I went in to see her. And the new enzymes she gave me to share with Hayden; he will eat them if you hide them in his chocolate almond "milk", so I think he's been feeling better as well.

He's had two major tantrums the past two days, which is unusual as of late. He hears us talking about "going" to the beach, and he keeps asking "where we are going, Mommy?"  I tell him we're not going anywhere right now, but he's confused.  I'm making him a calendar today to show him that next week we'll go to the beach. If I don't put it in picture form, he won't understand and he'll want to go today.  I think he's a bit nervous hearing about all this "going," and then no one goes anywhere. I'll have to reassure him that he gets to come, too!  I've made picture cards of all the relatives we'll see, and we've started reviewing. He's very interested in all the new kids he'll get to see.  Looking forward to it!

Mommy took a picture of him sleeping! (with 2 blankies stuffed under the sheet)

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