Friday, June 4, 2010

Feeling a little better today

Checking out the blog!

I've just felt awful all week.  At least I'm not throwing up, but I'm stuck in bed and not eating much, either.  I ate some goldfish crackers before getting out of bed this morning, maybe that helped. And I've been drinking some Ensure.

Today I have an appointment for myself with the Nutritionist.  Next Thursday I have an my 10 weeks ultrasound at the OB.

We finally got our confirmation and parking pass from our Gulf Shores condo.  The owner we're renting from is less than organized.  I'd say "not very bright", but that would be rude, so I won't say it.  We had to keep calling and emailing so that he would put our payment through. Some of his emails just plain didn't make sense.  I was worried he was going to give it away to someone else, thinking to himself, "hey, no one paid for this time, I can give it to someone else!" Not that people are probably jumping at the chance to go swimming in oily water, but still, I at least want to sit by the pool for a week and talk with the fam!

Hayden is still making big improvements.  I wanted to start potty training this week, but haven't felt well enough to do much of anything. So hopefully that can start soon.  He went to daycare two days this week to play, and his new teacher said he had a great time.  I'm really impressed with this new teacher, and I hope that  she'll stay. She's really on top of things, and knew exactly what Hayden did each day.

His diet seems to be going well.  We can't get him to eat the enzymes in food or drink, as they change the taste.  The nutritionist is giving me new enzymes today to try.  It's unfortunate, as the enzymes are the most important thing for him right now!  His diaper rash is getting worse; but his appetite is definitely improving, and he's even tried one or two new foods.  He has been a very good boy with mommy being sick-- I bought goldfish crackers for my morning sickness. Normally I wouldn't even have them in the house since he can't have them. They're one of his favorites. But I was desperate with the nausea, so I bought some. Both times he's seen them and asked for some, and I've said, "no, those are mommy's. They'll hurt your tummy. Would you like some Captain Crunch?"  He didn't throw a fit!  (Not that there haven't been plenty of fits about other things.) But I'm proud of him for handling it like a big boy.

He's asking for a turn on the computer, so I'll go for now.

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