Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Sorry for a month with no updates!  School and life have been very busy for everyone here at the end of the year.

Let's start with today:  I visited Hayden's Developmental Preschool for his last day before summer.  I took lots of pictures so we can review and remember over the summer, and hopefully the transition back to school in the Fall will be smoother.

Water balloon toss.  The balloons wouldn't break!

His teacher Mrs. Tiley.

Teacher Aide Miss Olivia.

Hayden also had his first official psych eval with a doctor yesterday, and got a preliminary diagnosis of PDD-NOS (Pervasive Developmental Disorder - Not Otherwise Specified).  He has some testing in a few weeks to confirm the doctor's opinion after the short meeting that he is Autistic (not Asperger's, as there is no language delay with Asperger's).  Fine with me, as long as Insurance will start paying for some services!  Time to find an outside OT and Speech Therapist.

We went to the nutritionist two weeks ago and got some great information and more specific supplements to help him.  Right now he's taking probiotics, enzymes, vitamins, EFA (Omegas), Magnesium, and calcium.  Some alterations have already been made, and more definitely need to be made, but we are really on the right track and I'm very excited to have seen her.

In other news, I will be making an appointment to see the Nutritionist myself, as we just found out that I'm expecting! : )   We have been trying for over 2 years. With Hayden it was easy, but I was convinced by the OBGYN, against my instincts, to take Depo Provera right after Hayden was born.  It really messed up my cycle for several years.  After fertility drugs and a simple outpatient procedure, we finally are pregnant and due sometime in January.  I will have my first ultrasound at 10 weeks to make sure things are ok.  Excited for that!  After so long waiting, and a few positive test results that turned out to be false positives, I kind of don't want to let myself believe that it's true.  I have been so tired this month-- I thought it was allergies or stress from work.  I took a nap today and still felt tired just going to the grocery!  Hopefully that will pass soon? (I know, I'm not counting my chickens.)  But hopefully the slight dizziness and slight nausea will pass soon.  The best tip I ever read was to eat potato chips, or something salty, and some Pepsi.  It seems to help.

Anyway, now that summer's here I hope to update much more often.  I'll post the pictures soon of Hayden's birthday parties! : ) 

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