Monday, April 26, 2010

A bit of serenity on a rainy day

This is where you can find Hayden toward the end of most evenings. He usually needs to "play drums" once a day. This means the robot drum show is on in the background, while he uses two markers to play drums on the couch.  He has his own drums and drumsticks, but for the robot show it has to be markers and couch.

This is where you can find Jason if he's actually home on a week night.  : )  He's usually writing music for school, while wearing headphones to block out the robot drums.  

This is Jason's homework assignment from me.  We'll see how quickly it gets covered in music pages and forgotten. : )

This is Hayden jumping all over the couch when I said it was time for books and bed. 

This is Hayden rolling around on the floor and whining. We've had real trouble with bedtime lately. 

We've been going to bed earlier and earlier, but lately he doesn't want to participate in the bedtime process.  It used to be bath, books, bed.  Now it's bath, whine, run, scream, roll around, skip the book because I'm over it, bed.  I'm not really sure why there's been a change, except that it started soon after the diet changes.  He acts like he's too exhausted to go on once we mention books.  He doesn't want to pick any of the choices, but if I ask if he wants to skip the book and go to bed he'll roll around and say, "Noreadabook! Readaboooook!"  (It's all one word.)  I'm thinking I need to take some pictures and make him a bed time poster. In fact, I'm going to go do that right now.  

The last two bedtimes have been BAD.  Just as I finished writing the title of this blog post last night, I asked Hayden what book he wanted for bed. It had been a  successful day, more tranquil than usual.  The bedtime that followed, on the other hand, was the exact opposite. He rolled around and whined. I picked him up and put him on the couch, he went back to the floor. He said some really funny things that I can't remember now. Then he threw the car you see in his hand in the above picture. It hit me right in the head and hurt. I lost my patience at that point and went into the walk-in closet and slammed the door.  I hid in the closet until Daddy made him come say sorry.

BUT, I do have to say, that Friday's events made me put life into perspective, once again. When Hayden was left on the bus in February, it made me remember how much I love my little boy and would miss him if he was gone, despite how difficult he is some days.  On Friday, that feeling happened to me again.  The school where I work was on lockdown. Someone robbed a bank and ran toward the woods adjacent to our school. You can read about it here:   And here:  The person(s) were literally right by our school.

There were police all over the parking lot, carrying rifles. We were all to stay in the cafeteria, gym, or computer lab (no windows). A teacher heard gun shots (it turns out there were 20 shots exchanged), and so we were all herded into the tiny cafeteria.  I think we were in there for two hours before they let some people back out into the computer lab. I was overstimulated from the noise at that point and glad to get out. I was also scared, because there was a window into the dishwashing room behind the cafeteria, which opened out into the cafeteria. I went to put up my tray and found myself looking out on the grounds of the school. I was supposed to be in a safe room with no windows! There were two guys out there somewhere with an assault rifle and a sawed-off shot gun, and here's this window looking in at all of the kids! I pulled down the thin metal grate that closed the space between the cafeteria and the dishwashing room, but it wouldn't have stopped a bullet.

Finally at 4 they decided the second guy got away, and the first was found shot, and we were able to go home.  And I went home and hugged my husband and my sweet little boy, and I'll try not to take them for granted! I promise.  

For a few more days...  : ) 

Time to try out the bedtime schedule I just made.  Let's see how this goes.

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