Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Busy weeks ahead

I sent in all the paperwork for the Autism Center, and Hayden and I met with the clinical director last week.  Now we're just waiting to hear back from insurance about how much they'll pay for the center. I hope to hear back by next week.  And I hope they'll pay most of it, as it's $80 an hour.  Gasp!  I'm going to have to start having weekly bake sales or something. : )

We have lots going on the next two weeks.  Saturday is The Little Wiggle Room at Center Grove high school, a fund raiser and time to get info, I think.  Then there's a TACA parent group, Hayden has his pediatrician appointment and shots, Hayden goes on a field trip to Apple Works with his preschool,  a first time meeting with the DAN doctor (doctor who specializes in autism), and my monthly OB appt.  Shoo!

Bob has moved in with Nick.  Thanks for the prayers and good thoughts.  He is doing better emotionally.  The last two weeks were rough for everyone in that regard.

I hope that it cools down soon, I'm ready for Fall weather.  We went to the park yesterday, but it was so hot.  Then we visited Daddy at soccer practice, and Hayden ran around and played with the girls.  He never would have done that a year ago (talk with and be around high school kids who are bigger than him, and who he doesn't know.)  He's made such improvements!

Thanks for reading-- take care!
: ) Sheila

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