Sunday, September 26, 2010

Finally Fall

our future girls' soccer star : )

It is finally cool out, and it has rained...once. : )  

I've been busy trying to orchestrate getting Hayden into Cornerstone Autism Center.  Friday I got the call that we were ready to go, and that the center would work with us on a payment plan and/or a "hardship assistance", which I take to mean cutting some of the costs for us.  So it was time for me to call around and find a new daycare that had room for Hayden.  I had already printed off a list of places that were well rated and had transportation, so I called my first choice on the list.  The director told me that "transportation" meant the Greenwood bus picked up kids at the center, so that wouldn't work.  I called the next place; no room at the inn.  Next place:  no room in their transport van.  Next place, same corporate owners: we're not supposed to transport kids under 5.  Next place: no transportation.  Ok, now I'm worried.  I tried one more place, and they had room.  Transportation?  "Sure, we'll just leave a bit early and take him before our elementary kids." Cost: "I'll just charge you $100 a week, since he'll only be here a few hours."  This is the same price we pay for daycare now.  Sweet!

So I stopped by after work and was very impressed.  The facility is only 6 months old, very clean and shiny.  The staff were all quite nice, and actually playing with the kids.  There was a key code on the front door.  The director is a former teacher, who was very nice and was willing to accommodate Hayden's special diet.  There were separate outdoor play areas for each age group, with grass or mulch instead of mud or rocks, and a room for indoor recess during the cold months.  So really it was more than I had hoped for, and I'm excited to have found them!

So, I'll just need to call or visit Cornerstone and work out our payment plan amount, tell everyone when Hayden is starting, and cross my fingers that he transitions smoothly!  I still feel like something could go wrong; I don't want to get too excited until he walks in the door for his first day, since there have been so many unexpected setbacks.  

Oh, yeah, I also asked if they take newborns, and they do-- but the cost of two kids in daycare is my entire salary.  So it's looking like I might stay home after the baby girl is born, until I find a teaching job that pays enough for me to afford daycare.  I would be sad to stop teaching, but I would also feel a bit silly going to work each day when my child was being watched by other people, if I wasn't earning any money for the family.  We'll see, I guess.

So, good news overall, and I am crossing my fingers that things work out here in the next few weeks!

: ) Sheila

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Sounds like it has been an amazing accomplishment to arrange for the new school and daycare for Hayden. awesome job! We just break even with my paycheck and the kids' daycare. If it keeps you more sane than staying at home, there is still some reason to consider it :) I think I'd like part-time, but that tends to be cost-prohibitive around here because no one does part-time daycare... just take it one day at a time, and who knows what your options might be in 3-4 months! =) love, linda