Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Oh, Hayden...

Hayden makes me laugh so much!  Some new Hayden quotes:

So I've been teaching him about his birthday, and that he will be 5 instead of 4.  On Grandma Rosie's birthday (my mom), I told him to go up to her and say "Happy Birthday." As he always does when you tell him to go say something to someone, he went up to her, turned sideways, looked down, and whispered "happybirthdaygrandma" (all one word).  She said "thank you Hayden!" Then he said, "How old are you going to be?" because that's what I had been asking him.  I said, "well..." because usually I would explain to a kid his age that you're not supposed to ask ladies how old they are, but I knew he wouldn't get it, so as I said "well...." he turned to Grandma and said, "Are you going to be 5 too?"  Grandma said, no, she's not going to be 5 this time. : )

He didn't want to color Monday during art time. Michelle told him to choose a marker. He kept saying, "no, I don't want to color. It's not a good idea. Michelle, this is a bad idea."

In the car, on the way to daycare in the morning, he often likes to sing Little Bunny Foo Foo.  I tried to start it one morning and he said, "No. Stop, stop.  It goes like this.  'Are you ready to hear the story of Little Bunny Foo Foo?  He's a very naughty rabbit.  But he learned his lesson!' "

Me, pretending to be bad-guy WaLuigi: Can we hit Rylie?  Hayden: "No, he's breakable."

Hayden, who should we invite to your birthday party?
No, people to come. Like Shanae and Michelle.
Yeah.  Who else?
"And Shanae."
Anyone else?
"And Audrey. Yeah."
Ok. What should we tell Audrey and Michelle in the notebook? [His therapists and I write back and forth each day in a notebook.]
"I played fight with Michelle. And Gabe."
But what did we do tonight?
"And I play fight with Deon. Like this." [He pretends to fight with his arms.]
What should I tell them Hayden and Mommy did tonight?
"I just pee in the potty, and finish my episode." [he finished one of his reading lessons that day and was very proud.  And for the record, I'm very glad he's telling me what he did in his day, instead of just who he played with, even if it's Cornerstone and not home, because just a few months ago he couldn't do that!! I just think it's funny that he kept telling me about things that happened at school instead of home.]
Did Hayden and Mommy watch Blues Clues and eat spaghetti?
"Shh. Be quiet. It's time for sleep now."
"Shh! I'm ready for bed."
Ok.  [I tuck him into bed...]
"Where's Alex?" [his friend at school]
He's probably getting ready for bed, too.
"Where... where's his Mommy and Daddy?" [I had just asked him about his birthday party, and the only birthday party he's been to was Alex's, and Alex's Mommy and Daddy were there. Love the connections he's making!]
They're going to sleep too. It's night time, everyone goes to sleep.
"Oh. Ok." [And Hayden turns over and goes to sleep.]  : )

A few days later....
What do you want me to tell Michelle in your notebook?
"Oh, I don't know. I say 'I don't know.' "
What did you do this weekend?
"Oh, I jumped."
You jumped?
"Yeah, I just jumped a lot of times."

[I have no idea what he's talking about, because it had been rainy and we weren't out on the trampoline. : ) ]

"I want to play with my brother."
You don't have a brother.
"I wish I did."

[he just learned about wishes from Blues Clues.]

We hope to enjoy some more Spring days outside soon! (Jason's first musical was quite good by the way. Congrats to him on his hard work!)

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