Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Rainy Days

The water at tree-top level on my way to work.

It feels like it's been raining for months. Hayden is getting antsy to go outside and play. The White River is up to the tree tops at 144 and 37. The kids keep getting sick.  And I just want to get outside and garden! Today has been beautiful, but I'm stuck in the house with a sick little boy.  At 10 last night he started throwing up, and we got him a bath and changed his sheets.  Sometime in the night he did it again, and had a huge blowout of his pull-up, as well. Another bath, another bed change.  Rylie got into the fun by not wanting to go to sleep at all, and trying to eat her weight in formula. Hayden has been napping just now for almost 3 hours, so hopefully he'll feel better when he wakes up. I was supposed to take Rylie to get her shots today, but for one thing I wanted to let Hayden sleep, and for another I'm worried that Rylie might get the stomach virus, too, and I don't want to give her live viruses on top of that. She has a well-check June 3rd, so we'll do the shots then.

Smiling at Uncle Bill.

Fortunately it was beautiful weather for my birthday. I took the day off for myself. In the morning I shopped for some new work clothes, as I'm still losing pregnancy weight-- one size to go to be back to my normal size. : )   It was so nice to walk into Target with just me and my purse, instead of dragging myself into Target with a diaper bag, Hayden's juice cup, a baby in her car seat, and Hayden who runs everywhere else but insists on walking in and out of stores at the pace of an elderly snail. I truly think his feet get heavier when we enter a parking lot. "C'mon Hayden! C'mon!" This is me about 35 times.  He just moseys along, looking at everything but me, and talking to Mario about how we're going to the store.

So on Friday I went alone, and it was quiet, and I could look at things without rushing or buying a Transformer or hearing "I wanna go home. Are we going home now? I wanna go home" through the entire store. After Target I went to Lowes and bought some flowers for the front flower bed, and spent a couple of hours in the perfect weather weeding and planting. No little kids helped me dig holes or find worms or water the sidewalk.  Then Jason and I went to pick up Hayden and Rylie from school and stopped by the park on the way home to walk the trails and throw rocks in the creek. At home we had pizza, and the next day Jason took me out to the Melting Pot in Greenwood. We got a secluded table and ate a four course meal with different fondues with cheese, meats, and chocolate. It was a great birthday.

Rylie has become a real talker, telling anyone nearby the long, involved story about her day.  She also has been chewing her fingers to pieces and sucking on her bottle so hard she collapses the nipple, so I switched to the next level, but she just collapses those, too. It has become quite apparent that she's allergic to milk, like her brother.  We started her on Alimentum formula, which is made from milk but the proteins are so broken down that they aren't supposed to have a reaction to it. A few weeks ago another mom gave me some new bottles of milk formula that she had and wasn't using; this formula was still for fussy babies, but not as broken down as the Alimentum. When I added some milk formula to her bottles (one ounce of the milk formula to 4 ounces of Alimentum), she began throwing up, having blowouts, and got eczema on her arms. I stopped using it for a week and tried again, just to see if that's what really caused the issue.  Yup, it did.  So I'm throwing out what's opened and giving the unopened ones away. I'll pay $25 a can for a healthy, happy baby.  She's gaining weight since getting over RSV and is very alert. She likes to roll over onto her side, play with toys, and watch her brother in the car. She does not like her new bumbo seat or sleeping in her crib.

Hayden is doing fairly well in school. He has tantrums periodically, and had a rough week a few weeks ago, but overall he continues to progress with his behavior and school skills.  He still loves watching Mario on You Tube, and has learned some unfortunate phrases.  But, he is also very concerned with rules, so once you set out a rule that he's not supposed to do something, he's usually pretty good at following it. The problem is knowing what phrases he's learned before he repeats them at school, so that I can tell him we aren't allowed to say that.  I try to listen to his Mario videos and stop any that are inappropriate, but really they are all pretty good, and once in a while they sneak a curse word in there, so it's hard to keep a tab on.  I would completely ban You Tube, but since it's his favorite activity, that seems mean.  So, I have to have conversations like this:  "We don't say 'dammit,' it's a bad word."  Hayden: "No. It's not."  Me: "Yes. It's not nice, we can't say that." Hayden, looking down-trodden, like I just smashed his favorite toy. "Oh... Ok."  But then then next day when something happens and I say "Oh, crap" he's the first to say, "Mommy, we don't say that." "We don't say "Oh my God, Daddy." Daddy: "Yes, you're right Hayden, I'm sorry. I meant Oh my gosh."

Some recent Hayden quotes:

  • At the gas station: "What's gas?" (One of his first what questions of me.) As I tried to explain what gas was, saying it was liquid, made the car go, like food for your car, I finally said, "it's like batteries for your car."  "OH!  I see!" he says, like I just solved a huge mystery for him.
  • I'm trying to teach him about his birthday, and we made a countdown calendar. One morning we put a sticker on May 3 and talked about May 24th, and he'd get presents.  On the way home from daycare that evening in the car he suddenly said, "Where's my present?"  Me: "Well today is number 3, and you get a present on number 24. That's your birthday. What do you want for your present? (he's never asked for anything for birthday or Christmas, and usually says Robot because it's all he can think of.) This time he said, "Robot. and birthday cake. and new Luigi."  (His stuffed Luigi's foot was falling off.)
  • His therapist at school, asking him to choose between two things he didn't really want to do: "No, I can't choose. Zero choices."
  • His therapist, asking a 'what' question: "What is stinky?" Hayden: "My butt!"
  • After I asked him to sit at his own computer so I could use mine, he moved without complaining, then said "That's not nice to make me share. I'm sad. I don't want to share."
  • Using his Mario fruit snacks in pretend play: [Luigi]: "I have to go in Hayden's mouth now."
  • After school, unprompted about his day: "A storm's comin' in. I had fun Liz." (He means he had fun with his teacher Liz.)
  • Therapist: "Where do you get your hair cut?" Hayden: "The hair cut office."
  • Pointing to a word, "Ok, Smarty Pants, what's that word?"  (He's repeating this from an Arthur computer game at school, but still he's using it in the right context!)

So grateful for spring and new flowers! Looking forward to June when we'll have more time to spend with friends and family.

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