Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween 2011

So proud of my little guy!  It has been a crazy year since my last Halloween post. Hayden has made such progress!

Yesterday we went trick or treating with Alex's family.  Hayden has been wearing his costume for a couple of weeks, so that was no problem (I've had to mend it twice already!)  He had no trouble going up to people and saying Trick or Treat, and answering them if they asked him a question.  He said thank you, most of the time without having to be asked. He stayed with the group and stopped when we asked him to. The only time all night that he seemed confused was when he went up to a house and saw Santa and Mrs. Claus passing out candy.  He didn't say anything to them, just stood there and stared.  I can't blame him, I was confused, too.

Each time someone put candy in his bag he would lean over and peer in the bag, then say "oh, YEAH!" and stomp his foot while punching his fist in the air.  I don't think he really had any idea what any of it was, except that it was candy.

He looked for cars when we crossed the street. (The other day he made me stop before crossing in the parking lot because there was a car like 4 miles away.)  : )  At the end of the evening when it got dark and he was tired, he said, "I want to go to our house now. I'm tired. Are we all done?"  As we were walking back he said, "Can I hold your hand?"  So sweet!

When we got home I asked if he wanted to try some of his candy. "No, I just gonna watch cap-yu-ter." AKA, You Tube.  After I got Rylie to bed (which took a while; since she took a nap during half of our walk she decided that it was now time to stay up and party) I told Hayden it was time for bed. "I want some... can I have... Hayden wants some candy."  So he had some skittles out of his stash.  During the night he was up several times crying and saying his tummy hurt.  I gave him some chocolate milk with an enzyme and some EFA powder (it has Omegas) to help his tummy, and after about 10 minutes he fell back asleep and didn't wake up again until morning, so that's good. I think that the sugar affected the yeast in his tummy. I've been trying to change his diet to a more SCD (Specific Carb Diet): fewer carbs in general, no processed sugar. For his muffins I use honey now instead of cane sugar. I've been trying to use fresh juices instead of processed, so they don't have added corn syrup. Here is an interesting page by TACA on Yeast overgrowth.  I am still learning about all this so I can't really explain it; I know we still have much to do but have also made great progress. I'm hoping to add Enhansa soon (to further help with the yeast and help him absorb nutrients), and have added another dose of probiotics and enzymes at lunch time. He is doing pretty well on his pill-swallowing program at school so that will open up more options soon.

October 2007. Isn't he so cute? : )

This morning Hayden got up on his own at 6 (like he always does), ready to greet the day. "Will you be blue bird and I'll be yellow bird? ...Mommy, here... here's yours and this one's mine [as he keeps trying to hand me the bird while I get ready. I keep taking it and setting it down.] Here mommy....Here... Hey, can you be blue bird?"  Rylie did her part to try to get whatever toy he thought was fun at the moment, and he would snatch it away from her, as usual. He doesn't mind sharing, as long as it's not a fun toy. "Share, please..."  I told him. "Ok, here, she can have this." And he'd toss a penguin at her. She would look at it for a second, and then realize that she'd been had. Her favorite stuffed toy is Luigi. She can be seen carrying him around about half the time like it's her very best friend. She and Hayden are going to get along just fine. : )


HayleyDare said...

Love this pic at the end :) so adorable! GO Hayden for halloween!!! Sounds like he did great!!! :) love your blog as always you are such inspiration!!

Sheila said...

Thanks Hayley!