Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Mario actually went trick-or-treating this year!

He wouldn't ring the doorbells, though.  That was too scary. The first couple times we went to a new house, we coached him before going up that he should say "trick or treat" when they opened the door.  But they would open the door and he would just sit there, so we'd say, "what do you say?"  The first couple times he said, "hi."  : )  They are teaching him to say hi to people at his new school!  Ha!  Once he got the hang of saying Trick or Treat, he kept saying that and "Happy Halloween!"  He got to meet a Luigi, several Darth Vaders ("hi Darth Vader!  Hey! Darth Vader! How's it going?"), and Plex from Yo Gabba Gabba.  He really liked the house on the corner with lots of scary decorations the first time we passed.  He kept asking if we could go back and look at the "haunted house." But on the way back the people who live there had figured out how to turn the sound on, and he was really scared!  He covered his ears and froze.  We scooted him off and told him it was all gone, and he was ok.  

We went home and swapped out all the chocolate candy with non-chocolate candy.  He ate half a bag of skittles and two suckers.  Then he enjoyed opening the door for the kids each time they came.  Once I was in the kitchen and thought Jason was downstairs when the doorbell rang.  The door opened but I didn't hear any talking, so I peeked around the corner.  Hayden and about 6 little kids were all just staring at each other.  Ha!  Hilarious.  Hayden had opened the door by himself without bringing the candy.  I hurried over to give them some candy.  

We always tell the kids to pick a couple things, because that's what my parents always said.  As the kids picked some candy or pencils, Hayden would sometimes pick through the bowl and throw things in their bag, too.  "Here, guys, you need this. You want eyeball candy."  The first couple times he didn't understand and was taking some things for himself.  I heard Jason say, "no, that's for them. You're supposed to give it to them."  He also would say "trick or treat!" to the kids the first few times he opened the door!  Jason would laugh and say, "no, they're supposed to say it."  It was a very successful Halloween night for our little guy.

Wednesday is my next appointment with the OB.  I went in last Wednesday because I felt like the baby wasn't moving as much as she should.  They hooked me up to the machine for 20 minutes.  No contractions, and her heart rate was really good.  The OB said she's probably just facing a different way and kicking me in the back instead of the stomach, so I'm not feeling her as much.  So Wednesday I go again for the glucose testing and another fetal fibronectin test.  I hope I'm cleared to go back to work (and to stop taking the procardia.)  I had grand plans of organizing recipes, folding baby clothes, and reading lots of great books.  Instead the medicine (or the baby?) makes me sleep all day. Which is ok, too. : )   

I am frustrated with all the hassle associated with the accident, though.  Phone calls, phone calls, phone calls! I'm not a phone person in the first place, and there's so much paper work!  I'm over it.  I have had time to try a couple new GFCF recipes.  I made another attempt at blueberry bread today, but filled up on GF pizza, so I'll try it tomorrow and see how it is. : )  The last one was pretty good, but needed a bit more sugar. 

In this picture he has too many skittles in his mouth and is trying to chew them up.

Cornerstone had a photographer come to do pictures for their website, and sent us a CD with pics of Hayden:

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The pictures from the center are GREAT! Hope you are well.