Friday, October 22, 2010

Friday Update

The ditch, where my driver side window ended up even with the road.

The hill where I saw lights on my side of the road.

Progressive (the other guy's insurance) called about the damage to my car.  They are replacing the front and rear bumpers, fixing the left side doors and panels and repainting them, replacing a hubcap, side mirror, and doing an alignment.  $2600 was the total.  The rental place gave me a Kia Soul for a rental car.  It's one of those box-looking things.  It drives smoother than the Civic did, anyway.  

Jason had his final big soccer game Wednesday night;  he said the girls didn't play as well as they could have and they lost.  But, they've made it farther than they have any other season, so they did a great job.  (And I'm happy that Jason's not in Evansville right now on another soccer trip, leaving me with Hayden!)  

I bought Hayden's Halloween costume this week because I didn't want them to be out of something he'd be willing to wear. Last year he picked a pirate outfit and wouldn't wear it.  When he got home from school he saw the Mario outfit and wanted to put it on and play Mario on the Wii.  He didn't want to take the outfit off at bedtime, and wanted to put it on the next morning for school.  I told him he could wear the hat, and he ended up wearing the Mario hat the entire day at school.  : )   So hopefully it looks like he will actually be wearing a costume for Halloween this year.  Tonight he wanted to wear it to bed (with the hat) and we had to pry it off him once he was asleep. 

Jason had Fall Break today and yesterday, and he made a lot of calls for me and got things done.  (The phone has been ringing off the hook all week!  And I'm already getting mail from injury attorneys. Grrr.)  Comcast came and "fixed" the Internet connection after they goofed it up the last time.  Thiele Heating was a no-show to do maintenance.  Jason ordered a copy of the police report ($12), tried to contact Bank of America again about refinancing... picked up Hayden's vitamins at the Nutritionist, did laundry, went to the grocery, made a pot roast.  I played video games for the first time since July, and took a nap.  : )  I did go with Jason to pick up Hayden at school, to be able to see his teachers.  I don't usually get to see his Cornerstone teachers, since I drop off and pick up at daycare, so yesterday was the first time I had met one of them.  They are so excited about helping Hayden and they love working with him.

Today they started potty training with Hayden at the Autism Center.  They said it was a huge success. He had some accidents but went in the potty 3 times.  They started Hayden and his friend Alex at the same time, and Hayden was encouraging Alex not to be scared of the potty.  I think it will really help Hayden to have someone else sitting in there with him, too!  They gave him a certificate and he was so proud of himself when we picked him up today.  Then he promptly fell asleep 3 minutes after we were in the car.  : )  

Tuesday night I was feeling some light contractions at about 3am.  Wednesday morning was my appointment with the OB.  She did a fetal fibronectin test. Info about it here:  "Fetal fibronectin is a protein that acts as a "glue" during pregnancy, attaching the amniotic sac to the lining of the uterus.  Fetal fibronectin is often present in cervical secretions during early and late pregnancy, about one to three weeks before labor begins.   A positive fetal fibronectin test is a clue that the "glue" has been disturbed and you're at increased risk of preterm labor."

The test came back positive, which does not mean I will go into early labor, just that there is a better chance of it.   The OB wants at least two more weeks of bed rest and I'll see her again in two weeks.  I assume we'll do the fetal fibronectin test again at that point, I'm not sure.  Today I felt kind of ill, but I haven't felt contractions since Wednesday, so that's good.  And I've been being a better Mommy, taking it easy for the baby girl rather than trying to do too much like I was Monday/Tuesday.  Next step is to find a name that we can both agree on!

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