Monday, October 11, 2010

New Schools are Going Great!

The new schools are working wonderfully.  Hayden has a little friend, which is exciting since it's so hard for him to make friends.  His teachers send a notebook and we write back and forth each day, since I don't actually get to see them (I pick up and drop off at day care).  I LOVE reading his notebook every day!  Rather than a note about who Hayden hit or how long he spent in time out, I get glowing reports of what they did all day, and how much fun he had.  I am SOOO glad he's going to this school!!

I wanted to share some quotes from his teachers' notebook from this first week:  "he's doing very well listening" (say what?)  : ),  "we're learning very fast how smart he is... Hayden is such a joy...Hayden loves our obstacle course and v-smile video games...he is so imaginative....he is so fun to work with...he participated in group...Hayden sings so well! I love to hear his songs...he loves the rock wall...the first thing he said to me this morning was, 'Hey, Michelle, what's up?' he is so precious.  We had a fun gymnastics and music group this afternoon.  Hayden loved it!  He was so excited to show everyone his forward and backward rolls... He made you a bracelet in art class today; we have an art therapy teacher on Mondays. Yours says mom, and he made himself one that has HD on it. He picked the colors and beads himself, I just helped tie it. He also put the beads on. He really seemed to enjoy it!"

They are currently working on everyone's names, prepositions, saying Hi and Bye to people, numbers, washing hands, transitions, and some other things.  He is having some meltdowns in the evenings, or falling asleep, because he's getting worn out.  He also started picking at his lips last week until they bleed, and having diarrhea.  But the latter two things have been lessening each day as he gets more comfortable there, so I think overall everything is going quite well!

90 days till his little sister is here!
: )

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