Monday, October 18, 2010


Well, I couldn't sleep last night until at least 1 am.  Hopefully tonight I will sleep better.  The OB said to try Benedryl, so if I can't sleep again tonight I'll get some. She wants me to come in Wednesday to see how I'm doing.

Today I drove Jason to work and Hayden to school, then came back and called Progressive (the other guy's insurance). They are paying for a new carseat, my time off work, and a rental car. I was hoping she'd call back today so I could get the rental car today and not have to take Jason to work again tomorrow, but she didn't.  So hopefully I'll get that tomorrow.  Jeff picked up Hayden from school so I didn't have to go back out.

I finally got some sleep this afternoon, then went and picked up Jason at work. He's home now from soccer practice so we're discussing what to have for dinner: pizza or fish sticks?  It's gourmet around here. :  )  I've been feeling sick to my stomach anyway.

I got so many wonderful emails and Facebook messages this weekend.  Thanks to everyone for all the positive thoughts!

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Maranda said...

Keeping good thoughts coming your way!