Saturday, May 19, 2012

What Autism Looks Like: Nonsense Words and Echolalia

This is an example of speaking in nonsense words.  Usually he does this at the end of a sentence.  He kind of trails off and starts speaking in gibberish like this.  But sometimes he does the nonsense speak with songs, rather than using the correct words, even though he knows the words to the song. This is the only video example I could find, so I'll have to try and catch him in the act, or look through older videos we have on DVD. 

The good news is that he rarely speaks in nonsense words in conversation any more.  He was doing it a lot when he had really bad yeast and bacteria overgrowth issues in his gut.  I think I have his tummy in pretty good shape right now.  I don't think the yeast is gone, but definitely more controlled. 

The "brownies" he's eating are the protein chocolate chip muffins from a previous post.

Here is another fun video because Hayden's so cute. I believe he is 2 1/2 in this video. This was before I really understood that there was a problem with him (Autism), and was just glad to hear speech from him at all.  But the speech on this video is an example of echolalia.  Echolalia is when a child only speaks by repeating whatever words he hears.  This was how Hayden communicated for at least a year.  He never initiated words, but simply repeated whatever words were spoken to him.  The very last words he speaks on the video are another example of nonsense words/  speaking in gibberish.

Why am I posting these videos?
Several reasons.

I hope that they will help educate people about what Autism is and isn't.
I hope they will help parents realize that their child may need to be diagnosed for Autism.
I hope they will help parents already dealing with Autism learn ways to cope with its symptoms.
I hope that some day Hayden will be recovered from Autism, and these videos will be evidence of how he once acted, and that Autism is treatable.

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