Saturday, June 2, 2012

Taking Supplements

Hayden explains why he gets tired of taking his supplements: 

(Sorry the end is blurry, I tried to brighten the color since it was so dark.)

[The end of this video is another example of repetitive motions and stimming (his feet and his Mario toy).]

Hayden learned to swallow pills at Cornerstone with ABA therapy. You can see that he puts the pill in his mouth, uses his tongue to move it to the back, then gets a bit of liquid to swallow it.

Ideas to help your child swallow pills from TACA.  (I assume when they say to use a piece of Starburst candy, they mean to pull a small bit off the candy, not to use the whole square.)  : )  

For Hayden I purchased empty gelatin capsules from  I started with size 4 and moved to size 3 after a month. (I didn't teach him how to do this, it was the wonderful people at Cornerstone. I just ordered the pills and sent them in to school.)  Here is a pill size chart so you can see what the different sizes are.  Most of the pills Hayden takes daily are probably size 2.  Once he mastered taking the empty size 3's, I sent in some real pills (enzymes) that were size 2.  It took him a few weeks but he eventually mastered it.

These are the enzymes we take. You can order them here.  These help you digest proteins, carbs, and fats. They help when your child has eaten something they shouldn't have (such as something they are allergic to).

Below is Hayden's current supplement chart.  The gray areas are things he needs to start but hasn't yet.  The muffins have omegas, cholesterol (his is very low) and protein.  This is a post from January about the benefits of some of his supplements
More Information: 

Overview of supplements by TACA (getting started).

This is a good site to research specific supplements for Autism.

Nourishing Hope for Autism has some good videos to help you learn the science behind the nutrition-Autism link.  I highly recommend her book, as well. 


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Sheila Damron said...

Important note: Make sure you are giving supplements under the direction of a dietitian. I can't say this enough times. Some supplements interfere with each other, or are dangerous at certain levels. It's important to consult with someone who specializes in nutrition, preferably a licensed dietitian. :)