Sunday, June 10, 2012

Quick Updates

Lots going on here.  Full posts to come about the doctor appointments, but wanted to give some quick updates here.

Had a flat tire a few weeks ago. Was late to pick up Hayden from daycare but he ended up making it to baseball just in time to bat, which was good. He really enjoyed playing baseball on the special needs team. I'll have to find another organized sport for him to participate in this fall.

Took Rylie to Hayden's DAN doctor for her own appointment. Dr. agreed that she has leaky gut like Hayden, but her situation is worse. Wants me to do the GAPS diet with her, but I don't have the emotional energy right now. She said 2nd choice was SCD diet, so I've taken away most grains and intend to continue until I have all grains out of her diet for a while. She has been feeling much better. Daycare commented that she's more talkative, smiling and happy. BMs are improving.  The pot roast I made was not a favorite with anyone but me, but hamburger, chicken and carrots are a success. Going to see the dietitian tomorrow for more food ideas.

Took Rylie to Riley Hospital for a feeding evaluation. She has a feeding disorder-- she isn't biting off food but is instead pushing it into her mouth with her finger, doesn't move the food with her tongue, and isn't chewing it enough with her back teeth. They want to see her again in a few weeks to begin therapy to teach her how to do this.

Her blood tests came back fine for lead, protein levels, celiac, and blood count. Her iron is still a little low. Haven't heard back about the second round of tests yet.  Poor girl had to give blood twice in one week. The second time she didn't really even cry, just sat there and watched.

Hayden had his own DAN appointment, where I explained that I've been so busy cleaning up after Rylie's poo adventures that I haven't had much time to implement the changes she recommended for Hayden from 4 months ago (Kelp, baking soda, K, B12, etc.)  The Dr. gave me some things I can do in the next few weeks, and ideas for helping him pee (it's a yeast issue: baking soda in the bath will help, for one).

Hayden has been having BMs on the potty every day at school and sometimes at night at home for a week. I think the star chart and some big motivators (Children's Museum, Angry Bird, Chuck E Cheese) helped, but the main part was that his BMs were firm enough for him to have time to get to the restroom, and he was finally cognitively ready to make the choice to use the restroom.  It will be a financial and emotional relief not to have to clean up his diapers all the time.

Picked a new apartment to live in, a little bit cheaper, ground floor so I don't have to keep lugging Rylie up and down the stairs, pond view, pool, free zumba class. I was hoping to rent a house but just couldn't find anything in the right area.  We're moving to live in Perry Township schools so Hayden can attend Mary Bryan Elementary. He got to tour the building on his birthday and after meeting the speech therapist he said, "I'm not scared anymore."  They've noticed an marked improvement in his behavior at school. I think it's likely because he's not dealing with the anxiety of elementary school any more since he's at least seen it and seen some of the people there. Will try to take him to their playground this summer so he can get another idea of fun things he'll get to do.

Received notice of the divorce filing on Friday. Disappointing but expected. Just hoping the end result helps me finally be able to pay my bills. I'm working every day this summer which will hopefully help me get caught up.

Trying to pack and get paperwork started for Hayden to attend his new school. Had his friends birthday party yesterday at the pool and it was a great success. All the kids (many with Autism) had a good time, no big meltdowns.  Hayden and I got a bit sunburned because I thought to reapply sunscreen to Rylie but not us. Rylie still isn't sure she likes the swimming thing-- too cold, too much splashing, and why do I have to wear this big vest?  She did enjoy coloring on the pavement with sidewalk chalk, and trying to eat it.

Thankful for all the family members and friends who have helped me out this month, even if it was just a kind note on Facebook.  Looking forward to more swimming in the next few weeks when we have a chance.  Hope everyone is enjoying their summer days.

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