Monday, June 11, 2012

Registered DAN Dietitian to speak in Indianapolis

If you're in the central Indiana area and are interested, my dietitian has agreed to come do her presentation on Nutrition for Autism! 

Wellness Philosophy

July 12th, 6 pm 

Registered Dietitian Staci Small will share ideas on simple changes you can make in your child's diet to help change some of the behaviors common to autism (stimming, ADHD, attention span, willingness to try new foods, vocabulary, eye contact, stomach troubles, food allergies, etc.) 

Open to the public. Free.

Located in the training room of the main building of Cornerstone Autism Center. 360 Polk Street, Greenwood, IN 46143.   Come in Door B, go down the stairs, and turn left.

Staci Small is the only Registered Dietitian on the DAN registry in the state of Indiana and is trained in the  Defeat Autism Now!® (DAN!) nutrition protocol as well as the other underlying physiological issues of ASD.  

Dietitians are the only nutrition providers able to practice in a clinical or hospital setting.  Dietitians have to go through rigorous education requirements and continuing education versus a nutritionist.  Unfortunately, there is nothing governing the term nutritionist, so there are many people out there that call themselves nutritionists that have no formal education or have passed boards to carry credentials.  This is important for parents to know as they may find a nutritionist that knows nothing about special needs diets or DAN (regarding digestion issues, supplementation, testing, etc).  Most nutritionists and dietitians focus on weight loss, diabetes, heart disease, etc.

For more information on Staci's credentials, see: 

For me personally, Staci has been a great resource, cheerleader, problem solver, and such a huge reason my son is on the road to recovery for Autism.  If you live in the area and would like to hear more about what the diet's all about and how it works, get a sitter and come hear her speak. You will be inspired!

: )  Sheila

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