Saturday, June 2, 2012

Hayden Loves Angry Birds

The other day Hayden announced, "Mommy, Mario and Sonic isn't my favorite anymore. Space Angry Birds is my favorite." He has been playing the newest version, Angry Birds Space, at Cornerstone as a reward. 

For his birthday the only thing he wanted was a "Space Angry Bird."  Everyone kept asking him what it was called, so he named it Super Bird.  

He also got money from grandparents and wanted to order the purple bird online, which he has named Laser Bird. We are still anxiously awaiting Laser Bird's arrival.

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He wanted to make his own Angry Birds video several months ago.  
I like the first part because Rylie is so tiny. : )

Speaking of birds... this is what I've been listening to since about 6am:  

First I tried a picture of an owl.  That obviously didn't work.

Then I tried lots of stuffed animals with big eyes or angry eyes.  That didn't work either.  Maybe I need to go buy one of those plastic owls at the garden center?

Hayden saw his first movie in the theater last weekend for his birthday with me and Grandpa.  Well, third if you count Wall E at age 3 and the first third of Toy Story 3.  Movies were always too loud, too dark, too many people he didn't know, and too long.  He would hold his ears and shout that he wanted to go home. They do have sensory friendly films sometimes, but I have yet to try it out.  

For his birthday, we brought his noise-blocking headphones, CF popcorn, and my phone with Angry Birds. Whenever there was too much talking in the movie, Hayden would play Angry Birds or another game. When there was action, Grandpa and I would point to the movie. Each time this happened he would say in a loud voice (in the quiet theater), "Hey! It's Thor!" or "Hey, that's Iron Man!"  When Hulk came on and was hurting one of the Avengers, he said, "Why is Hulk hurting her?"  I said, "Well.... Hulk is having a tantrum. He's angry. It's not nice to hit our friends when we're angry, is it?" One of Hayden's recent social stories at school has been about not hurting his friends or hitting when he is angry. Later in the movie, Hulk helps and gets the bad guys.  Hayden said, "Hey, look! Hulk is getting the bad guys!  He's a good guy now!"  He was relieved that Hulk wasn't misbehaving any more. 

Hayden either left his Super Bird at the theater or in Grandpa's car after the movie, so we had to go to Toy R Us the next day and get a new one. He had birthday money from grandparents still, so he also got to pick out one toy. He chose Annoying Orange.  Thanks, YouTube. Rylie toddled behind us from aisle to aisle, and found a pink shopping cart that she started pushing around everywhere we went.  She got attached to it and wouldn't give it up when it was time to walk to the register, so I decided Hayden could share his birthday money with her (since he didn't know the difference) and she could get a toy, too. It's the first time she's ever wanted anything at the store, though I usually keep her strapped in a cart so she doesn't get much say. And the tidal wave of pink girly toys begins. When she got home she put dolly inside and pushed it around the house.

And so noise-blocking headphones, and some Angry Birds, allowed Hayden to successfully attend his first-ish movie.  Thank you Angry Birds for being worth something besides another reason I have to go to the dreaded Toys R Us.

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