Thursday, February 13, 2014

#FUA Archive: 1/31/14

FB Archive:  Friday #FUA,  From 1/31/14:

(And random picture of our snow fort because I don't have a picture of the day's event.)

Remember how Hayden is improving, but a main barrier was his need to have consistency?  He can't handle change, especially when it comes to his food.

Well tonight I was packing food for his weekend at his dad's, and saw that some of his favorite dairy-free cheese (I know, it's gross) was in the fridge with a single helping left. Normally, I'd put it on a plate, and use a knife to cut it into little squares.

Tonight I was feeling hurried, so I took the cheese square out of the package and handed it to him.

Me: Here, I'm going to give you this cheese but I'm not going to cut it, ok? You just have to take little bites.

I look over and Hayden already has half the cheese in his mouth.

Me: Or big bites. You know, whatever.

Hayden has by now finished the cheese. 

H: Why didn't you cut the cheese I just ate?

Me: Because it's easier. Doesn't it taste the same? 

H: Yep. 

Well whatdoyouknow. 

FUA. We eat our cheese how we want around here, and you aren't the boss of us anymore.

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