Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Friday #FUA:

Last night I was helping Hayden get in the shower while Joe mitigated a tantrum with Rylie in the other room. I walked into the bathroom with eyebrows raised, ready to hear Hayden explain as usual that he didn't like the screaming, as it echoed in from the other room.

Instead he said, "Rylie is sure upset."

"Yeah," I replied, "She is fussing a lot tonight. It's ok. She needs a time out."

Hayden said, "Or maybe if we cheer her up. We can do something like get her blankie, or I can give her a hug."

Kids with #Autism can't usually express themselves. Or show empathy. Or remain calm in chaotic situations. They don't always even like to give hugs or be touched.

But my son with Autism just did all those things, like it was no big deal. Piece of cake.

I got Hayden in the shower and went back to Rylie and Joe, who were now discussing her consequences for throwing a fit. I told Joe, "Hayden's screaming used to go on like that every night for hours. At least you missed that part."

And then I realized how far Hayden has come. One more tiny milestone, one more little pebble of Hope, piled on what used to be a screaming, non-verbal mess of #Autism. Now there's a quiet, thoughtful boy saying, "Maybe she just needs a hug."

Autism is treatable. Recovery is happening.

Have Hope on this day of Love that with a parent's Love and hard work, these kids DO get better. You can improve their quality of life.

FU Autism. I was told you were forever, but I'm replacing you with #Hope.

One hug at a time.

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