Wednesday, May 14, 2014

"Hayden is a pleasure to have in my class"

From Hayden's First Grade Teacher, Mrs. Blackley, today: 

"Hayden comes into my classroom during Reading and Math on a daily basis. He is such a pleasure to have in my class. My students really enjoy working with him and having him in the classroom. He always volunteers, participates, and positively contributes in both of these classes.  He enjoys working in partners, small groups, and also as a whole group. He has made a lot of friendships in this class and the students look forward to working with him. He socially interacts appropriately with the rest of the class. Hayden very rarely needs redirection, works well independently, and excels in both of these classes without much teacher help."  

{Image is of Hayden helping Rylie put her socks on in the morning, a task he struggled to do for himself two years ago.}

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