Friday, May 30, 2014

Peer Modeling Visit

Hayden visited Cornerstone today as a peer model. It went very well and he and several other students had some great interactions, played, asked questions, and had fun. Today went much better than our first peer model visit, partially because I learned some things from our first experience, and partially because it was really nice outside and Hayden spent a lot of time on the playground, one of his favorite activities.

At Cornerstone the kids do their "work" (activity programs) to earn a fun reward of their choice (time on the trampoline, iPad, outside, a walk, bubbles, etc.)  Two little boys wanted to "earn" play time with Hayden as their reward today. I thought that was pretty special.

Here's Hayden in a Cornerstone car, which is quite obviously much too small for him (and I told him so) but he wanted to try anyway. Getting in wasn't too bad. Getting back out was tricky. I think he gave several staff members walking by a laugh today at least!

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